Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reasons Why I'm NOT Getting My Hopes Up

AF is due tomorrow, which makes tomorrow Testing Day if she doesn't show her ugly face. This 2WW has been utter torture. It has been the longest two weeks ever! I know I should be getting anxious and excited to test, but I can't say that I am optimistic at all. I know my chart looks pretty good, but I can't seem to accept that there's a possibility this month. So, in true pessimistic fashion, here is my list of reasons why I'm not getting my hopes up this cycle:

  1. My jump in temp this morning is probably just due to the Daylight Savings that occurred today. Basically, it's as if I had taken my temperature an hour late, in which case it would have been higher anyway.
  2. My breasts don't hurt any more than they usually do during my LP.
  3. My fatigue is probably due to poor nutrition or anemia or hypoglycemia or something like that.
  4. My progesterone level is probably too low to make conception possible.
  5. After all these years of trying, it's not a possibility of a BFN; it's a probability.

So, bah humbug to POAS. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer, but it's safer to assume the worst than not in my case.



so if it is neg. is there more they will do than clomid?

Carlia said...

Caroline- I still have two more rounds of Clomid. After that we would probably move on to either Femara and IUI or IVF or something like that. I will have to start seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist to determine what our next step will be.

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