Monday, August 31, 2009

Reduced to Tears!

So many people have told me that my recent blog posts brought them to tears. Actually, my recent blog posts have brought me to tears, too, but not for the reason that you think. My tears have been more therapeutic than anything. This blog was intended to document our journey toward parenthood and to let the others out there going through similar experiences know that they are not alone. What I didn't expect was that this would become such an outlet for me and that it would help others who have not experienced infertility to understand what we are going through.

I always tell B that this is my free therapy. I'm not very good at communicating my feelings. I have a really hard time saying how I feel. It's like the words just get jumbled up on their way from my head to my mouth. But, when I put pen to paper, so to speak, the words seem to flow freely and I'm able to release all those pent-up emotions.

I have to admit that I'm surprised at the reactions I've gotten from those that read this blog. I never expected to reach anyone, to touch the hearts of those that have not had to bear such a trial, to help others like me, to become a resource for others. I am surprised that all of that has happened, but very, very grateful for it, too. I pray that I may be able to continue to help others on both sides of this plight, those that are going through it and those that simply care about it.

As for where I stand today, it is CD6 and AF has finally flown the coop. I am still taking the Dong Quai and have resumed charting, minus the BBT. We moved at the beginning of the month and I have yet to locate my thermometer to be able to temp, so until it turns up, I'm just going to be charting my symptoms without my BBT.

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