Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Anniversary

Last year I did a post about how October marked six years since we started TTC, which means this October marks SEVEN years. Whenever I tell people how long it has been since we started this journey, their first question is always "Why don't you just adopt?", which is usually followed by a question about why we haven't or when we will try IVF. I would love to do both, (at the same time if necessary!), but the timing just hasn't been right for either and it doesn't help that both cost an arm and a leg and our insurance won't touch either with a 10-foot pole. So...I am officially starting a baby fund. All of the proceeds from my photography will now be going toward fertility treatments. Of course, I will be accepting donations, as well. ;)

Today is CD4 and AF is tapering off. I also started temping again this cycle, but this morning I woke up at 4AM, so I didn't temp at 6AM, as I normally do, because it would have given me an inaccurate reading. I'm trying really hard to remember to temp this cycle, because not knowing exactly what was going on during my last cycle was driving me crazy!


Hiro said...

Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarkd it.

Happy blogging!

Wanna-be-Mom said...

It seems that last time you wrote was last year. I don't know how are you and thing now but I hope it's better. I'm pretty new at this blogging thing. I started my own too, since I was desperate about not being able to conceive right away... it's been "only" 6 months but it seems like forever.
I really like readying your blog and I'm trying to catch up with it. TTYS, Eny

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