Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

take it as a good thing that i'm not blogging on here every day anymore. it means i'm not as obsessed as i used to be. :) i went out and got a life...finally! ha ha! actually, i'm just still plugging away at my day to day life, with a few changes, though. we're just a couple months shy of hitting the 8th anniversary of TTC. it has been a really long road, but we're not giving up yet. you may think that i have, however, when you hear what i've done. i went on BC! it's true; i'm on the pill! crazy, huh? i've never been on it, but i kind of had to because with all the stress of working two jobs and going to school, my cycle has been more out of whack than ever. i could count on one hand the number of cycles i've had in the past year. talk about a hormonal mess! i have to admit...i actually like being on it. i like the predictability of my cycle and how normal i feel. B likes that part, too. ;) i'm in the last leg of my second cycle and have one more after this. after that i'm going to take a few months to get it completely out of my system and see if it has any type of lasting effect, like, maybe, resetting my system. that's what i hope, but i can honestly say i'm not stressed about it. i just turned 29 and i still have a few good years left to TTC and, the best part, i just started a new job with incredible benefits that include...get this - fertility treatments. i know! i can't believe it, either! testing, AI, IUI, IVF, you name it! my coverage doesn't start till october, which is perfect so that i can finish the BC and start testing in january, after it's mostly out of my system. someone left a comment not too long ago asking if i had had the HSG done. the answer is no. the doctor i was seeing ordered the test, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. no insurance plan i've ever been on would cover it or most of the other tests that i need. finally, i can get it all taken care of and the reason for my infertility will no longer be one of life's unsolved mysteries. aaahhhh.... (that's my sigh of relief) hopefully, i'll actually have something to blog about soon.
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