Monday, January 10, 2011

Step 2

doctor's appointment - check!

just got back from meeting with the RE. i'm super impressed with her, her credentials, the office staff, and how on top of things they are. i feel exceptionally optimistic at the moment. she went over our history and any previous testing we've had done, which was minimal, then talked about the diagnostics that need to be run now. she addressed my delayed/lack of ovulation and assigned me a whole slew of tests to be run. we talked about my charting habits and how well i had been doing with that, but apparently i've been wasting my time. she told me that my ovulation problems are not from weight or anything so easily fixed and that charting would do nothing but induce stress and basically drive me crazy. amen to that! she told me that i never have to take my BBT ever again! yay for me! i always hated charting. from here on out, they'll be inducing and monitoring my ovulation, which takes a lot of the stress off me. they know that it's caused by a hormonal imbalance, but aren't sure what's causing the imbalance. i'll have to be tested for PCOS (i've been checked for it before and it came up negative, but they want to double-check) and thyroid issues, among other things, then they'll be able to determine the right treatment. B will have to have another semen analysis, but this time with IUI prep, so they can figure out if IUI will be a good option for us. i'll get him set up with that for next week. as for me, here's what i have to look forward to:

today - tons of blood work to screen for STDs, vaccinations, blood type, and lots of other stuff that is all standard procedure
7am tomorrow - go in to the clinic for more blood work to see if i'm able to start taking the progesterone to induce AF (they don't want to make me wait for the real thing, which is fine by me)
CD3 - blood work to test hormone levels
CD5-12 - start taking antibiotic for HSG and have HSG performed (dye injected into uterus to check for blockages in fallopian tubes or any abnormalities in the uterus itself) *note to self - buy motrin!*

that's pretty much it for now. we're hoping to get all of the testing done this month so we can meet up with the dr again mid-february to go over results and determine the next steps.

it all feels so surreal at the moment. we've talked about doing this for so long that it seemed more like a dream than a possibility, like daydreaming about going on an african safari - you never think you'll actually get to go! but this is real. i'm not planning anymore; i'm doing. i can't believe that we've actually started down this path. i know it's going to be a bumpy road, but i have my eye on the prize...which is kind of scary in itself. me - a mother? is it really possible? after 8 years, i've kind of accepted the role of aunt. heck, i took it and ran with it in recent years! i always reminded myself that i didn't have to change the diapers or do the disciplining or wake up for the 3am feedings. i've taken solace in the fact that once they start crying, i could just give them back to their parents. now, i keep imagining myself a frazzled mess with a screaming baby on each hip (i'm glutton for punishment and wouldn't be at all surprised if i had twins). don't worry, i'm not scaring myself out this. i'm just trying to stay grounded and remind myself that i have a wonderful life as it is and that i can be happy even if i never get the chance to be a mom. a baby would be a dream come true, but i have to be realistic and not expect any moment of my life from here on out to be so idyllic as i once imagined. the diagnostic process is going to be uncomfortable and tedious. the treatment process could be painful and disappointing, as well as physically/emotionally draining. the end results could be trying. no matter what, i can get through it. i have B by my side and so much to look forward to, whatever the outcome.

now on to step 3 - calling the financial adviser to go over our out-of-pocket costs and going to labcorp to have them suck a liter of blood from my arm. fun for me - not!


Sheryl said...



I'm so excited for y'all.
I will say the financial counselor part sounded the most frightening to me!
love y'all, thanks for keeping us posted

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