Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Step 3 Revisited & Step 5

i am just plowing through this process!

step 3 - blood screening - check!

i went first thing this morning to labcorp to have them suck me dry. the nurse couldn't believe the number of tests they were requesting: 13! that's right, 1-3. that means 13 vials to fill with blood. she asked me why i had to have so many tests run, so i told her about how we are going through fertility treatments and they want to screen us for everything first. she then told me that she just found out that she's pregnant on new year's day. i congratulated her then listened as she went on about her morning sickness, the fact that they weren't trying and were surprised, how she didn't want any more after this made me think back to a time not so long ago when that would have really really hurt to listen to, but not now. i was truly happy for her. she did eventually ask about us and how long we'd been trying (we had plenty of time for conversation as the 13 vials were filled). she just "umm-hmm'd" along as i told her about our struggle. "it's gonna work!" she declared as she removed the band on my arm. "i got the faith!" i hope she's right.

step 5 - provera/progesterone - started, but not complete

since my nurse (i love that we have one nurse assigned to us that knows us by name and we can go to with any questions!) called to tell me it was a go on the provera, i started taking that last night. 1 pill a day for 10 days and i should see AF. i know this drill all too well. i think this is probably the 6th time i've had to force AF to show up. the first time was with a shot (luckily, the only time i've had to use that method), which left my rump sore and bruised and my cramps painful beyond belief. i much prefer the pills. my cycle feels pretty normal when i've taken them. anyway, as soon as AF shows her face, i have to call my nurse, casey, to schedule my CD3 blood work then call the clinic to schedule my HSG for somewhere between CD5 and CD12. we're moving right along!

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Kelly said...

Good luck Carlia!

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