Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Step 5 Continued & Step 6

step 5 - provera/progesterone - in process

10 days total. i have to take one this evening and only have 2 more days after that. shortly thereafter, good old AF should make her appearance. yay me. actually, i will be really happy to see her this time, because it marks the beginning of the second phase of tests, which will lead to our treatment plan, then our actual treatments and (hopefully) a baby! okay, now i really am excited to see that old witch!

step 6 - S/A with IUI prep - delayed

thank you, mother nature, for sending the snow/ice mixture last night and this morning. that was so considerate of you.

B was scheduled for his test this morning at 8 am, but thanks to the fabulous weather we're experiencing, that didn't happen. i called the clinic to see if we could reschedule for thursday, because i was so sure they wouldn't have any openings later today and even if they did, he probably wouldn't be able to make it in time, because he has a meeting at 10. lucky for us, though, they did have one opening at 2 pm, which should work perfectly with his schedule. so, wish him luck on his test!

1 comment:

~*Andrea*~ said...

Good luck B !! And good luck to you BOTH with your upcoming cycle!!!

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