Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Step 6

step 6 - S/A (semen analysis) with IUI prep - check!

i told B before i left for work to let me know after his appointment that he was able to drop off his sample on time. (i was a little worried, because of today's foul weather). at exactly 2:06 pm, i got a text from B that read "humiliating, but done." i kind of feel bad for him, because his manhood is in question, but mostly i don't feel bad for him! i'm the one who had to have 13 vials of blood drawn last week, while he only had 2 drawn. i'm the one who has to have dye put up her hoo ha while she lays on an x-ray table. i'm the one who has to have transvaginal ultrasounds and take hormones and probably even have to have injections in her bum! so, yeah, he can go in a cup once in a while. it's only fair...not!

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