Friday, January 28, 2011

step 7

step 7 - cd3 blood work and ultrasound - check!

i should be getting the results later today, but i did get a little bit of information from my ultrasound tech (or maybe it was just me reading into what she was saying).  she told me that my uterus looks good. (i think that means it's not misshapen) then she checked out my ovaries. she pointed out the black spots, which i was sure she was going to label cysts, but she said they were follicles. whew! she told me that they like to see at least 5 on each ovary and that my right had at least 10 and my left had at least 12. (i think that means i get an A+)  i'll let you know what the nurse tells me when she calls later today, though. wish me luck!

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