Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steps 3 & 4

step 3, part 1 - blood work to screen for immunities, STDs, etc. - postponed :(

i got to labcorp 3 minutes after they closed. seriously, who closes at 4pm?!? i'll go first thing in the morning, before work.

step 3 part 2 - call the financial adviser - check!

best news of the day, actually. everything is covered 100%!!! the only out-of-pocket costs to us will be $10 copays. yes, that includes all diagnostics, IUI AND IVF!!! WOW! i'm still on cloud 9.

step 4 - blood work to test my hormone levels - check!

i went into the clinic at 7am for this, which is a big deal seeing as how i am the exact opposite of a morning person. i also just got the call from the nurse saying that my results were good and i'm free to start taking the provera tonight. so, i should expect to see AF in the next 10 days.

1 comment:

~*Andrea*~ said...

WOW, your insurance is fantastic! That's wonderful! I'm pretty much having to pay for everyting out of pocket except office visits and labwork. I want your insurance! :)

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