Wednesday, February 9, 2011

dream come true...please!

i really, really didn't want to wake up this morning. it's not that i didn't want the day to start or go to work. i was actually looking forward to today for no reason in particular. the problem was that i was having an awesome dream. my dreams usually aren't very vivid and i rarely even remember them, but this! call it wishful thinking or subconscious self-soothing, but i dreamed we had done our first IUI and i was at the end of the 2WW. i had decided to POAS and i got a BFP! i couldn't believe it. suddenly, my whole family was there (which took up the whole house, because there are so many of them) and i was showing it to them, while they oohed and aahed and congratulated us. i thought to myself i'd better make sure this is real, so i POAnotherS and it was positive again.
i was so excited that i used stick after stick, like a crack addict, i couldn't get enough of that high i got from seeing those two little lines. when my alarm went off in the middle of it, i rolled over, hit the button and never opened my eyes. i still thought it was real. it took me a few minutes to shake it off and come to the realization that it was just a dream. what a disappointment!
boo  reality!

1 comment:

ousoonerchick said...

I hate that!!!!!!!! Life sucks!

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