Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i love this time of year. spring is on the horizon... the year still holds the promise of what may be... the government gives us some of our money back... yup, definitely my favorite time of year.

B took care of our taxes this week and with me being a full time student all last year, we are getting a nice chunk of change back. YAY! the only problem is, we're having a bit of a debate over what to do with it. of course, we'll use a good bit for debt (luckily we don't have much), but the rest is unspoken for and even though it's not here yet, it's already burning a hole in B's pocket. he wants to book 2 trips, one to visit his family and one to visit mine. i love our families and would love to see them, but i'm feeling a bit stubborn and sore about the fact that we are always the ones to go to visit. they never come see us. i just want to dig in my heels and say no! it's your turn! and, truth be told, i'm hoping that we'll have a much better use for the money (think pink or blue) later this year. i just want to put it into savings and have it when we need it. oh, and think of the interest we'll earn on it being in our savings account.
hmmm...we might even be able to use it to go on a babymoon when the time comes. isn't my idea so much better than his? ;)


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I say you should go somewhere tropical!

Liz said...

I am so jealous that you say spring is on the horizon. Here is NY, is seems SO FAR away!!

We are debating about our tax return as well, but hoping to put some money into our house (thinking of updating our totally 70's bathroom.)

I agree about the family thing. We have some family who NEVER visits us and we are expected to go every few months, such a pain.

Sarah said...

I'd want to save it for baby too but that's just me. If you do go on a trip it should be a romantic getaway!!! Good luck deciding. Ours is all going into our future down-payment. Boring!!!

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