Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Sample of "Family Life"

i get asked to watch my friends' kids pretty frequently. i think they think they're doing me a favor, because since i don't have kids of my own, i must want to borrow theirs. it used to bother me. it was hard to take care of someone else's child. it make my arms literally ache for a child of my own. i'm a lot better with it these days. i'm able to focus more on the kids and their needs than my own self-pity.

last night i watched two sweet little kids for a friend of mine, so she could take her hubby to a concert as his valentine's day gift. i was worried that it would be a really late night and would make getting up for work this morning difficult, but B reminded me that we need the points. (he's convinced that every time we do something to help someone with kids -ie. babysitting, attending baby showers, etc- it moves us up a spot or two on the baby waiting list up in heaven. can't hurt!) i, in turn, reminded him that he promised to come help me.

i usually go by myself, but since i thought they were going to be out really late, i wanted him with me. i'm so glad he went, too, because i got to see him in action. we played hide-n-go-seek for a while then read books and we it came time for bedtime, we divided and conquered. i got both the kids dressed in their pj's then i brushed the preschool aged girl's teeth and he took care of the toddler aged boy's. then i tucked in the little girl while he tucked in the little boy. it was so sweet! i've always known he loves kids and i've seen him play with his nieces and nephews, but i've never seen him so father-like. it melted my heart! after the kids were asleep, we put on nanny mcphee 2 and cuddled on the couch until their parents got home (surprisingly early).

this morning i thanked him for coming with me. he brushed it off like it was no big deal (even though it really was) and said he had fun and that he liked seeing that little snap shot of what family life would be like. i hadn't thought of it that way until he said it, but it really was. it felt so natural, though. i hate to admit it, but it made me more hopeful that our treatments will work. i just can't wait for it to be our turn!

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