Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Steps 9-11

step 9 - follow-up with dr T - check!

the appt. went great! we sat down and talked about all the test results. looks like i'm straddling the line on PCOS. that means i have it, but i can still ovulate on my own from time to time, which is how i was able to get preggo before. speaking of previous pregnancies, the tests that could explain the miscarriages all came back normal, so that means we aren't more likely to miscarry than anybody else. we just have really, really bad luck. anyway, long story short, all systems are go! we are just waiting for my next cycle to start then i'll go on 100mg of clomid, go in for an u/s on CD12 and trigger shot after that if my follies look good. two days later, we'll go in for the IUI. we're set to try out 3 rounds of IUI before looking into IVF, but hopefully we won't even need to go that far. EEK! i'm just so excited!!!

step 10 - genetic testing - check!

this was rather uneventful. i called the insurance company to verify that it was covered. they told me 100%, so i headed over to labcorp just before they closed, gave them a vial of blood and was on my way. we'll have the results in 2-3 weeks.

step 11 - vaccine - check!

when i had my initial blood work a couple of weeks ago, they checked all of my immunities. everything was good, except for rubella. kind of odd that i am immune to measles and mumps, but not rubella, since the three come in the same cocktail and i got the shot when i was 12. (i distinctly remember, because it was the first time i ever fainted. not sure if it was the shot itself or not, but i'll never forget it.) i had a bit of trouble tracking down a place that would give me the shot, since i'm an adult, and bill it to my insurance. the health department said they would, but it would cost me $75 (no insurance) and they wouldn't be able to give it to me till the first thursday in march. since this shot is already going to hold us back 30 days, i couldn't wait that long. i called our primary care dr., but they said he would need the test results, a letter from my RE, and they wouldn't be able to get me in for a week or two. then i turned to urgent care clinics. the first i called said it would cost $100, they wouldn't bill my insurance, and they didn't have the MMR in stock. i called a couple other places before i finally called a place a couple of towns over that said yes to everything. i headed on over, checked in, and waited...and waited...and waited... after over an hour, they called me back and told me that they had the shot, but no sterile water to dilute it from its powder form. are you kidding me?!? they called over to one of their other clinics to see if they had any sterile water. luckily, they did. i was just about to head over there when the dr asked the nurse to double check with them that they had the shot. of course they didn't! this was starting to feel like a sitcom. i actually laughed as i drove away with my file of paperwork and the rubella cocktail mix. carlia's courier service to the rescue! anyway, after much waiting and even more driving, i finally got my shot.

next step: making a baby! now, where is AF?


ousoonerchick said...

Good luck babe!!!

Tricia said...

I found out I was not immune to measles during one of my pregnancies. Weird, huh, since the other immunities were there. I can't remember if I got a shot or not - that's the bad part!

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