Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taking Action

i can't stand the waiting anymore! today is CD32 with no sign of O or AF. i called my nurse the day before yesterday (CD30) to tell her AF isn't coming and i'm ready to get started on the next cycle. she had me go into the office yesterday morning for blood work to see if we could get going. she called me in the afternoon to tell me that my blood work showed that i am not preggo (no surprise there) and i have not O'd recently (again, no surprise), so i was cleared to start taking the provera to bring on AF.

i popped the first tiny pill last night and it occured to me that i have had to induce AF at least 10 times since we started TTC (8.5 years ago). that's really sad...and really pathetic. i remember the good ol' days when i actually had pretty normal cycles. they were never 28 days, but they were still within the normal range, averaging around 34 days. it feels like my body has given up on me, like it's thrown in the towel. i wish i could understand what happened, why it stopped even trying. i used to know exactly when i O'd. i'd see the EWCM and right after my boobs would get really sore and i'd get a little hormontional (more sad than irritable). i realized yesterday that it's been over a year since i've had those symptoms.

i feel more certain than ever that we made the right decision to seek professional help in our baby-making attempts. there's pretty much no way we could do it on our own at this point. it would literally take a miracle. while i do believe in miracles, i just don't want to put all our eggs in that basket.

so, here's to our first try at IUI!

and by the way, as i type this, there's an overweight cat snoring right next to me. can't help but smile about that. :)

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butterfly said...

HI, I came across your blog and I wanted to let you know that i'm following your blog. Good luck on your first IUI! A bit about me, I've done 4 IUI thus far and currently doing acupuncture/chinese herb treatment. You are welcome to follow my blog as well. Take care.

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