Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do It For You

most of you probably didn't even know that today is international women's day. even i missed the memo! i went to google something and saw the logo change, looked it up, and jumped on the bandwagon.

it got me thinking, though. we all get so caught up in this journey toward parenthood that it can be easy to lose yourself in it. i've been guilty of it a few times in the past eight and a half years since we started TTC. when it happens, i feel down and out, frustrated, bitter, and pathetic...then i throw myself a big pity party and tell B that i'm done TTC forever.

me after my 8 mile run last friday (pardon the freckles)

of course we always went back to TTC, but i never started back in preparation for the next fallout. this time is different. aside from finally being able to pursue fertility treatments, i've started back on this road with the attitude not of "i have to have a baby to validate my life", but of "i love my life and having a child would be the icing on the cake". how am i doing this, you ask? i'm putting me first. well, technically, i'm putting us (B and me) first. i've been spending lots of quality time with B and i've set goals for myself. the first one i have to complete is my very first half marathon. the race is april 30th and i'm well on my way to being ready. running and i have a love/hate relationship. i hate running, but i love the way i feel afterward.

so, the point of this whole thing is:
  • do something that makes you feel good about yourself  
  • keep your priorities straight
  • spend some time with your DH
  • make sure you're in the whole TTC thing for the right reasons
  • count your blessings, rather than focusing on what you don't have (aka - babies)
  • enjoy being a woman


New Year Mum said...

Great ideas... happy IWD from Oz xoxo

Miss Mac said...

Good advice and good for you for the goal setting and achieving! :]

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