Monday, March 7, 2011

The Infertile Home

almost everyone we know has at least one kid. this presents a problem. we love to entertain, but always feel bad having these friends over, as we usually have to make it a "couples get-together" (aka - get yourself a dang babysitter!). this is because our house is not kid-friendly.

problem #1: there are all sorts of things on low shelves that they can pull out, tear, break, and utterly destroy.

problem #2: our drawers and cabinets do not have safety latches. why would they, really, when we have no need for such an inconvenience? and in my experience, kids gravitate to the ones with knives and cleaning products.

problem #3: we have a steep staircase with no gate up and, yes, two of our friends have had their children fall down these stairs while playing on them.

problem #4: there is a big stinky litterbox that screams to be played in by little people. they can't resist the smell of poo, apparently.

problem #5: we have no toys and no yard for kids to run around in to get them away from problems 1 through 4.

so, you see our dilemma. it's hard to remedy any of these problems, because a) it's just creepy for people without kids and no baby on the way to start baby-proofing their home and b) we live in a tiny little townhouse apartment with not even enough room in it for the two of us, let alone tons of entertainment for the kiddos.

we're crossing our fingers and praying that things work out with the rental home we're hoping to get into soon. if that happens, the first thing we're going to do is buy some sort of cage source of entertainment for our friends little ones to distract them from problems 1 through 4.  i've been looking at some outdoor playsets and i think that is the perfect solution. we'll herd them into the backyard and let 'em fight it out for the swings and slide while we and the parents sip lemonade and enjoy some conversation that doesn't involve dirty diapers or fertility treatments.


New Year Mum said...

Good luck with getting the rental that you want :) As a couple with a toddler (and now secondary IF)... we love being asked to couples nights, so that we can actually talk with our friends in relative peace - don't give up your couples nights too quickly... your friends probably cherish them like we do :)) xo

Rosachka said...

That's sounds a bit like our house (although we do have a house :) ). When our niece and 3 nephews come over it is a mad dash to move what we can from lower shelves up where the little hands and fingers would not reach :) But we do have tons of toys - again courtesy of my sis and DH's brother, so our saving grace is when the toys are taken out of the basement(where they temporarily reside), and the kids leave alone all bottles of alcohol that are so appealing to them in an open low bar shelf. LOL.

Good luck with getting a bigger house and soon baby proofing it for your own kids.

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