Thursday, March 10, 2011

Someone Stole My Fertility!

it seems to me that there's only so much fertility to sprinkle throughout the world and some people got more than their fair share. look at the people around you and you'll see proof of it. in my case, it was my mom and two of my sisters.

infertility sure doesn't run in my family. every single one of my siblings has at least one child (except for my 14 year old sister) and my parents were cursed blessed to have 11 kids! (i'm unlucky #7) my sister that is just older than me, by about a year and a half, now has 6 kids. i love her kids to pieces and she's an amazing mother (same with my oldest sister, who has 6 kids), but i think there was a little bit of an uneven distribution of fertility in my family.

even B's family got a little bit of favoritism when the fertility was being doled out. he's the baby of 7 kids, with 2 sets of twins back to back in the mix there (no fertility treatments needed).

between the two of us, we have 54 nieces and nephews and there's still time for more to pop out before menopause sets in on both sides.

what's a girl gotta do to jump on that bandwagon?!?

i've done everything to try to try to increase my fertility, including, but not limited to, rubbing what i thought was a fertility statue, wishing on eyelashes, wishing on stars, wishing on pretty much anything that seemed like it could be lucky, picking up pennies (only if they're face up), taking dong quai, taking robitussin, taking charge of my fertility... i'm out of ideas! or,, how does one go about stealing back their fertility?

oh, well. maybe the duggars won't notice if only one goes missing.


Infertile Abbie said...

It really does seem like there's only so much fertility to go around. But there's also a lot of success--it just doesn't always get spread around evenly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family!

Rosachka said...

Oh wow, that's a big family!
And I was thinking our family was large when we get together at our house with DH having 1 sibling and 2 nephews and me having 2 siblings and a niece and a nephew.

New Year Mum said...

Such a huge family... your turn will come too :) I agree that fertility should be shared around a bit more evenly xoxo

Nate and Lori said...

My aunt is one of 15 kids and does that happen?

You know what I heard? I heard that pregnancy is contagious and maybe if you hang out with pregnant people then you will catch it. Thats what worked for me :)

Josey said...

Holy crap - that's a big family! I'm the oldest of 5 and always felt like that was a lot. :)

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