Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vicarious Mommy Moments

because every now and then i need a laugh... and because i often live vicariously through my siblings experiences in mothering...

i have lots of nieces and nephews, but let's talk about one of them. we'll call him E. the son of one of my younger sisters, E is a really special boy, pretty much a miracle child. everyone loves him and he's so adorable he can get away with practically anything. i have tons of stories about this energetic 3 year old, but here's my favorite:

E's dad loves getting together with his friends to play basketball. they usually meet up at the church's indoor court, which is more of a "cultural hall" than a gym, because of the large curtained stage that takes up the east wall. anyway, last week, E's dad took him and his cousin K (my older brother's son) to the church with him. a lot of E's dad's friends bring their kids and let them all run around on the stage while the fathers play b-ball. E was ecstatic to be included and even more excited that K would be coming, too!

my mom and E
E's dad was so into the game that he barely heard K calling for him. "E's dad? E's dad? E's dad! E'S DAD!!!" he shouted from the stage. he always forgets to call him uncle J. E's dad called a time out and ran over to see if K was alright.

"ummm...E is pooping behind the curtain."

"what?!?" E's dad exclaimed as he vaulted onto the stage and ran around, pulling back curtains until he found his little troublemaker.

there he was, squatting, trousers dropped to his ankles, and where he hovered - what appeared to be a steaming adult sized pile of fresh poo resting on the hardwood floor of the stage. all the dads crowded the stage, laughing hysterically at little E, his pile of poo, and the biggest grin spread across his proud face. poor E's dad could only laugh as he cleaned him and his pile up.

thought you might get a kick out of that story. :)


Lavonne said...

haha! That is awesome! And definitely a story I would save for his prom date!


funny stuff!
I love that picture of E and GAGA!

Sarah said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! What a story! At least the stage was hardwood instead of carpet - ew!

Rosachka said...

That's a funny story!!! My sis has a similar one :) My niece, my sis and my mom where at an outside playground when my niece said that she wanted to pee. There were no public restrooms around so my sis decided to have her do it behind a little rock. Well to my sis' surprise my little niece decided to poo instead with tons of kids and parents around. Thank goodness my mom had a little dogie bag with her. :) I do too live vicariously through my sis and SIL.

Shannon said...

Found your blog through Josey at A Cheaper Version of Therapy and I love this story!!! My story is that we started TTC in 2009, BFP in Dec 2009, miscarriage Dec 2009, 1st RE appt in Jan 2010, 3 IUI's, a surgery, lots of meds, you know the drill and here we are. I hope you'll check out my blog. I love finding new blogs to read and I can already tell yours will be no different!!

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