Saturday, April 30, 2011

Favorite Posts: Part 2

here's another oldie, but goodie...

enjoying the ride

i feel so full of hope today and i'm so excited about what's to come. of course, when i really think about it all, my stomach does flip flops, my head starts to spin, and my palms get all sweaty, but i think it's more from excited nerves than anything else.

i'm feeling a little reminiscent today, as well. i was doing my usual blog-stalking of other infertiles out there when i was reminded of some of the odd things i've done in an effort to increase my fertility. my favorite story would have to be the time we were visiting my BIL and his family in jacksonville, florida. this was about a year after our first miscarriage, which was still haunting me (still does) in a major way. all i could talk about was getting preggo. actually, all i could think about was getting preggo. my SIL, who has had 3 kids with no problems and loves being preggo (just doesn't want any more kids) was thoroughly encouraging me in my obsession. we all drove down to st. augustine for a little shopping at the outlets and the entire ride was filled with this continued dialogue. as most of you know, there is a ripley's believe it or not museum in st. augustine. we weren't planning on going there, but we were driving right past it. remembering that we would be right by it, my SIL excitedly told me about the two statues that guarded the entrance to the museum. she had heard that they were fertility statues and all you had to do was touch one of them. i laughed it off, but secretly hoped it was true. we happened to be stopped at a traffic light right by the museum and i could see them standing there on either side of the gate. they seemed a little ferocious looking to be fertility statues, but i thought "what the heck!" well, that and my SIL practically pushed me out of the car. my heart was racing with the excitement as i ran to them. being rather timid by nature, this was full-on thrill-seeking for me! i pushed my way past the people on the sidewalk in pursuit of just one touch before the light turned to green. i finally made it! i slapped both hands on the belly of a vicious looking guard, sword raised over his head just as the light changed and the people behind our car starting honking impatiently. i frantically retreated to the safety of the car where i was greeted by laughter at my superstitiousness (is that a word?). as it has been 5 years and i still don't have a child, you can guess that it didn't work. the best part of the story, though, is that as i was googling pics of the statues, i learned that those scary statues were the wrong ones! my SIL had confused them with the pair of friendly, south american-looking statues on exhibit in the museum. boy, do i feel gullible! how could i confuse these
statues for these
statues? that's about par for the course, though. :)


junebug said...

I touched the real ones while in Florida in February and I'm still not pregnant and another friend did it last year is still not pregnant so I would say you didn't miss much. Plus, you got a funny story. :-)

Sarah said...

Ohhh my goodness. Im laughing my ass off over here. Because I can picture myself doing the same thing!! Great story :)

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