Thursday, April 21, 2011

For Little Ol' Me?

i have to admit that yesterday, i was having a kind of down day. having B gone was getting to me. but...then i saw that i got an award and it turned that frown upside down! ;) thank you so much to baby hopes at chasing our stork: our journey with infertility for giving me the versatile blogger award!!!

so, here's how this thing works:
  1. winners grab the image above and put it in your blog.
  2. link back to the person who gave you it.
  3. tell 10 things about yourself
  4. award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
  5. contact the bloggers you have awarded to let them know they have won.
ten things about me:
  1. i've had baby names picked out since i was 16. while other girls were dreaming of the perfect wedding, i was dreaming about the perfect nursery.
  2. i'm a super picky eater. the list of things i like is way shorter than the list of things i don't like. no pickle cravings for me when i get pregnant!
  3. in an effort to become more cultured, i've decided to go back and read all the classics that my english/literature teachers (both high school & college) never assigned me to read. i recently read the count of monte cristo (loved it!) and am about to start vanity fair.
  4. B and i never really dated before we got married. we went from being best friends to "i think i'm in love with you. let's get married." our 9th anniversary is in july!
  5. i have this subconscious (well, conscious now) to over-commit myself. i have a tendency to take on way too many projects. i think it's just a classic case of needing to be needed.
  6. B and i skype every night now, during which time we are re-reading harry potter and the deathly hallows (aka - i read to him while he makes faces at me). B loves it when i try to do a british accent - he thinks it's hilarious!
  7. i'm a movie addict. it's so bad that i have several loaded on my ipod and i listen to/watch them at work.
  8. i have 9 sisters (and 2 brothers, but that's beside the point. ha ha!) and they all look like barbies. i think i was adopted.
  9. i hate airplanes. it's not so much the flying, although the motion sickness certainly isn't ideal, as it is the being stuck in your seat after you've landed, waiting to get off the plane. i hate being in crowds of people, so being stuck with a huge group in a flying can is just a recipe for a panic attack.
  10. i have this compulsive need to buy picture frames. i don't know why, but i'm obsessed with them, especially when i get a good deal on them. of course, i use them all, but i'm starting to run out of wall space. i'll have to post a pic sometime of my dining room wall.
here are my nominees for the versatile blogger award:
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  3. sarah at baby talk
  4. natalie at my blog is boring
  5. lindsay at waiting for that positive
  6. slese1014 at fertility frustration 
  7. junebug at junebug's musings
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  12. liz at compromised fertility
  13. jem at ambivalent womb
  14. rebecca at trying not to scream
  15. me and you, just us - two.
also, a big welcome to all the ICLWers stopping by!!! this is my second time to participate and i'm super excited! just a quick synopsis of where we are: B and i have been TTC for *gulp* 8 and a half years with some miscarriages under our belt. thanks to my awesome new job, i now have insurance that covers fertility treatments for us, so we are in the midst of our 2nd IUI, with one more set before we move on to IVF. thanks for checking out the stork drop zone!


    Baby Hopes said...

    Very sweet! I love your ten things about you... I'm also a fan of classics!!! A much deserved award!

    Julia said...

    Aw, thanks C!
    I'll work on this tonight when I get home. It's hard to come up with new facts, so I'll have to think a bit about it!
    Happy ICLW!
    Julia From Just Relax

    amiracle4us said...

    9 sisters!!! OMG! I love these things and learning more random facts about people :)

    New Year Mum said...

    Love your ten things about you... noticed Baby Hopes nominated you for an award too - otherwise I would have nominated you when I did my awards today :) Love your blog xoxo

    junebug said...

    Awww Thanks!

    I had a list of my baby names for a long time but most have been stolen and are therefore useless.

    I'm with you on the picky eater thing. Drives my husband nuts but it works because he will eat anything.

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