Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hero Humpday

wow, wednesday got here fast!

this week's humpday hero is A from remember all the way! her posts are always positive with a strong spiritual undertone that makes you feel comfortable, like you've known her forever. she has such an amazing story - after battling infertility for way too long, she is now enjoying having a little blessing on the way and it happened naturally! she posted a quote recently that seems really fitting: "when you've been through hell, you tend to appreciate heaven." so, head on over and congratulate her on her award and on her bun in the oven!

without futher A!

As it says in my profile, I couldn't believe I was turning 30 (last summer) and still didn't have kids.  I got married when I was 25, and in 2007 we decided to stop preventing and see if we conceived.  No dice, and in 2008, we started out with some basic testing which showed normal results.  In 2009, we went to see an RE who said that my 7dpo progesterone was a tad low, and he prescribed clomid.  Of course I thought that it would be the magic medicine, but we had no luck.  We tried injectable IUI's at the end of 2009, and in 2010, we moved onto IVF.  Our first IVF cycle was cancelled due to low response, and our second IVF cycle brought us one precious embie who sadly did not stay with us.  We were emotionally drained and decided in the summer of 2010 to start eating organically, cutting out processed foods.  I started going to weekly acupuncture in October 2010, as well as taking a variety of natural supplements (prenatal, Vitamin D, Wheatgrass, Royal Jelly).  In 2011, We vowed to be the healthiest and happiest we could be and live life well, despite not having a child.  I started practicing yoga daily and added daily meditation.  On January 29, 2011, we were blown away with a totally natural BFP.  It took us a week or two to even believe it- after all that we had been through and all that had failed, we had made a baby the old fashioned way.  We hope that our story will bring hope to those who read it to never give up hope, but to also encourage you to be the healthiest and happiest you can be to create a beautiful body that is ready to nurture a little one!!!

(10 things about me)
1.  Hubby and I grind our own wheat flour, and I use it to make 100% whole wheat bread for us.  I haven't bought bread at the store in at least a year!
2.  I love gardening- vegetable and perennials.  I don't know why more people don't use perennials- they are the best- you don't have to buy new flowers every year!!!
3.  I was a endurance runner in "the past"...I've completed 2 marathons (4:02 and 4:19), 2 half marathons (forget the time), and a bunch of 10-miler's.  I loved running, and maybe I will be one of those 50-year-old ladies who get back into it and beat the pants off 20-somethings, like what used to happen to me!!
4.  I am the oldest of 4 kids- two younger sisters and a younger brother- and we all get along awesome!
5.  I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House for 4 years before we moved to our current city.
6.  I work from home, and I LOVE IT!!!
7.  My least favorite household chore is dusting.
8.  Hubby and I bought half a cow (grass fed) from a local farmer in the fall, and we get the rest of our meat/eggs from a local Mennonite farm.
9.  I would rather eat a bag of Sour Patch Kids any day than some chocolate.
10.  I love to mow the grass.  B-)

(Message to the Readers)
Like I said in my bio, I just hope our story inspires you to never give up on your dream of expanding your family.  Last year, our dream for our family included a baby, but by the end of last year, we had to be realistic with ourselves that that might not happen- we figured after all that we tried had failed there was no way it would happen on its own.  So we sort of changed our dream to just include the two of us as a family- because we just couldn't bear the constant rise and fall of emotions/expectations.  Then, of course, we conceived our little one on our own, and I know that sounds an awful lot like the dreadful "just stop trying and you will get pregnant"......but I would love for people to focus on the idea of really creating an environment for your baby to thrive.  I think before we started eating better and doing natural things to enhance our health, we were so focused on the end goal, we didn't realize how we really weren't preparing the best environment for the baby.  I think that most natural things can be used in conjunction with medical treatments, but even if some supplements are not recommended with meds, I still encourage my sisters-in-infertility to incorporate some yoga (pulling down the moon has a great DVD- not being paid to say that, but i just loved their practice!) and/or meditation and/or acupuncture into their lives to give their bodies and minds a chance to prepare to welcome a baby.  Don't lose hope!!!

congrats to A!!! and don't forget to send me your nominees! you can email them to me at storkdropzone at gmail dot com.


Bridget said...

I love A!! Good choice!

Krista said...

So cool that you are doing this, Carlia! I love finding a new awesome blog each week!

A said...

aw, thank you! i am so honored! :)

Josey said...

You're such a great inspiration A. :)

Baby Hopes said...

Congrats A! Very well deserved!! What a beautiful woman!

SLESE1014 said...

What a beautiful story!!! Truly an inspiration to all of us going through all of this! May your blessings continue!

Congrats on being a hump day hero and on your growing baby!

Baby Hopes said...

Carlia, dear... it's about time you get an award yourself! :) I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You can pick it up over at my blog! :)

Marianne said...

A's blog is the bomb. Thanks for giving her a shout-out! I have a nomination that I'll email you later!

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