Monday, April 18, 2011

On My Own

having B home an extra two weeks has been amazing, but, alas, all good things must come to an end. we drove him up to rhode island yesterday, had a wonderful last night together (not wanting it to end, we stayed up past midnight!), and put me on a plane back home this afternoon.

the house feels incredibly empty right now, but i'm handling it all way better than i thought i would. i have lots of plans and projects to keep me really busy so that the week days will fly by and the weekends will get here that much sooner. i've decided to join the local Y, so i can have options to workout that don't involve bouncing (ie. running), since my RE vetoed all activities that fall into that category. so, i'll be going with my friend from work every week day as soon as we get off. i'm really looking forward to it! i've missed running, so super excited to at least be active. i've also got some craft projects lined up and some odds and ends things in the furniture department that i want to get done.

i love being crafty and finding awesome ways to save money stylishly. ;) so, here's my new to-do list (i'm posting this mostly because i just love bullet lists):
  • i got these cheapo t-shirts at walmart the other day, along with some random bolts of fabric, and i'm going to embellish the shirts with fabric flowers. when all is said and done, each one should cost me under $5.
  • i'm also going to sand my mismatched dining room chairs and paint them white and make matching cushions for them. i bought them for $5 each at goodwill. i love that they don't match, but i need to tie them all together somehow
  • i've got a ton of pics to edit from recent photo shoots that i've put on the back-burner for too long. i'm heading into a busy season for photo shoots, so i've really got to buckle down.
  • i plan to make some new throw pillows for our living room. we need some more color, but there's no way i'm spending $30 on a pillow that i could make for $5-$10.
  • we really need some end tables in our living room, but, once again, my cheap frugal side just won't let me spend the money. instead, i plan to make a trip to home depot and a trip to joann's fabrics to gather up supplies to build my own. it's my own design, too, so we'll see how they turn out. my carpenter skills are a little iffy.
i'm trying to stay positive and look on the bright side, such as focusing on the things i can accomplish without B distracting me, but the truth is i miss him and i pray that this year will fly by. i know i'll get to see him on friday, but that just isn't enough for me. all of my positivity seems to go right out the window when i think of going to bed by myself tonight.

ok, time for a subject change! here's where we're at this cycle. i finished taking my clomid last night, which puts us at CD8 today. i've got my blood work and ultrasound scheduled for friday morning. if all goes as planned, we'll be triggering that night and doing the IUI on easter sunday. let's just hope that my follies are growing fast, because how awesome would that be!?!

now, if you'll excuse me, i have a skype date with my husband. ;)


Sarah said...

Thanks for the "heffer" comment :) Made me laugh! Can you come redecorate my place, please? I thought I was crafty, but whoa are the craft queen! Glad you have some projects to keep your mind off things. And that would be so amazing to have your IUI on Easter. Hoping there are some good eggs in that Easter basket :)

Deborah said...

Well if you need a craft buddy, you know my number!!

Jen said...

Thank goodness for Skype!

I hope you post lots of photos of your crafty projects. I love painting furniture, making pillows, etc. I actually have plans to paint an old coffee table that used to be in my grandparents house. We're picking it up from my mom in May. Now I just have to decide what color! Anyway, please share...I'd love to see what you come up with.

And good luck with the Easter IUI!

A said...

i would also love to see pictures of your craft projects! i don't do much of that kind of thing, but i think it is because i dont know where to start or if my ideas will actually "come together" in the end!! praying your Easter IUI brings you a little bun(ny) in the oven!

Amanda said...

I love all your crafty ideas! Especially building your own end tables..I definitely admire you for that.

Sorry about B being gone now. There's no easy way around it, but I hope your projects and work outs will keep you busy enough, and your weekends will just be that much more special.

Good luck on Friday, can't wait for an update!!!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like some great crafty ideas! Can't wait to see them!

Josey said...

Ugh, it's so hard to have your husband gone. :( You are so strong!

LOVE your crafty ideas! I need to get motivated to build my own end tables - and asap.

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