Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sharing is Not Necessarily Caring

what a weekend! B was sick the whole time, it was extremely cold, and it even snowed. so much for a relaxing weekend at the beach. to top it off, i woke up sick early sunday morning and have been sick ever since. i love that B is so good at sharing everything with me, but i really wish he hadn't been so generous with his germs.

i called casey, my nurse, to find out what i can take to knock this thing out. she finally called me back 6 hours later and told me that i could take regular robitussin, no CF or DM or fancy stuff like that. so, i sent B to the store. i should have just gone myself. he called me from the grocery store to tell me they only had the kind with extra crap in it. after that i sent him over to walgreens, where he called me to tell me the same thing. i suggested he talk to the pharmacist to find out which one was the "regular" tussin. he complained about there being 10 people in line, so i just told him to come home. i headed out, tried walmart first, and what do you know?!? adult tussin right there on the counter. how about that? i double-checked it with the pharmacist (using the old "it's for my friend" story, because explaining that i didn't know if i was pregnant or not is more hassle than it's worth) and headed home. it seems to be doing the trick, at least. i feel much better this morning! (aside from my hormotional fit)

last night i started cramping. i'm 11dpiui and i cramped slightly off and on for several days after the IUI, but this is much more noticeable. it's not hurry-grab-the-tampon kind of cramping, but hard to ignore nonetheless. my boobs still hurt, too, the nips throbbing from time to time. mother nature is one twisted witch to make the symptoms for AF and the symptoms for pregnancy so similar!

this is the point of my 2WW where i start to go crazy. even though i told myself that i would not get my hopes up, as soon as i get to 10dpo, i can't help but obsess. i hate to admit it, but i keep googling __dpiui every five minutes. i am so pathetic!

also, i'm super excited about tomorrow being our first hero humpday!!! i've got heroes set to be awarded and i'm so stoked! don't forget to keep sending those nominations, though.


Amanda said...

Oh no! Not the weekend you were picturing, I'm sure. This weather has been crazy..I wish it would just make up it's mind already!

I'm the same way with the TWW. I feel some cramps/twinges, or my hands and feet get hot, and I think "maybe I'm pregnant!" Then once I get a BFN I tell myself I'm never going to be fooled by these symptoms again. Yet here I am, analyzing every symptom and getting my hopes up all over again. It's neverending!

But I think it's better to have hope than not, right?

Fingers crossed for you!!

Miss Mac said...

Oh, no. So sorry the weekend wasn't so relaxing! Good to hear you are feeling better this morning. You are not the only one with the 2WW google addiction going on! Hope we get BFP's soon, very soon and then we'll just have more google material:] Hang in there!

Krista said...

So sorry to hear you got the nasty bug! I had it last week and it is awful! It took about 5 days to run its course and I'm still fighting the runny nose! I hope yours gets kicked to the curb MUCH faster...rest and fluids!!!!
Hope to hear that this IUI brings you your BFP!!!

Bridget said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well :( I also had a google addiction after my IVF- I couldn't stay off it!

Rebecca said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Keeping everything crossed as this wait drags by!

hopeisafourletterword said...

Don't you just hate the 2 week wait? I am analyxing every little thing! Sunday seems so far away. Keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP, April has been a lucky month so far, we need to keep them coming!

Andrea said...

Feel better!! I'm a complete google freak and google everything infertility related, so you're not alone!

By the way, I'm also a Broadway soundtrack nerd. Wicked is my fave musical and I think I saw it 6times in LA. I couldn't get enough!

Liz said...

I am so glad you posted today, I was starting to wonder where you went. I almost emailed you today to get the scoop. That stinks you got sick and weren't feeling well, but I am glad you are feeling better.

I remember a lot of cramping when I got pregnant in Jan. I kept thinking my period was going to come, I was sure of it, but it never did. I hope this means good things for you! I can't wait to hear your results, so I can only imagine how you are feeling. When is your beta again?

And yes I agree, I do have a love/hate relationship with Clomid. I hope it ends up being more love than hate in the end. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night SO HOT. I have been getting mild hot flashes, but it seems more like a sensitivity to heat than anything else.

Rosachka said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Cold sucks :( and so hard to get rid of (from my personal experience).
Crossing my fingers for a BFP for you soon.

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