Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yup, I'm Stylish

i have to admit that i've been wanting this award. i don't even know if it means the blog is stylish or the blogger is stylish, but either way i'll take it! ;)

thanks so much to baby hopes over at chasing our stork for nominating me!!!

so, here's how it works:
  • snatch the image.
  • link back the person who gave you the award.
  • share 7 things about myself
  • award 10 other bloggers and contact them so they know they’ve won.
my seven things:
  1. i am married to a giant. if i stand up really straight, i can pass for 5'5", but that's still over a foot shorter than B, who is 6'9". i love being able to wear heels without worrying about being taller than the hubby!
  2. my eyes change colors. sometimes they're blue, other times they're green, and occasionally they even look grey. i'm like an optical chameleon! ;)
  3. i work for the county library system, but i'm not a librarian. (still a huge nerd, though!) i work in the public relations department as a graphic designer. i create the signs, etc. for the programs that take place at the different library branches throughout the county.
  4. 7 and 11 are my lucky numbers. i don't really believe in lucky numbers, but these two numbers seem to follow me around. i am the 7th of 11 kids, i was born in the 7th month, and i weighed 7lb 11oz when i was born. weird, huh?
  5. since B has been living in rhode island, i've discovered something about myself... wait for it...i am a bed hog. it's true. when i'm the only one in the bed, i sleep sprawled out right in the middle. shocking, isn't it?!?
  6. i rarely win disagreements with B. he is so calm and eloquent, even when he's furious. i, on the other hand, get all tongue tied and can't keep my train of thought together. so, i usually just cave in and agree with him/apologize (depending on the situation) just to get me out of having to have a battle of words that i am sure to lose.
  7. i have a closeted desire to become a writer. i have all these ideas swirling around in my head that need to be written down, ideas for plots, characters, fictional worlds... but i don't want to write anything really sappy, rather exciting and funny with characters you can relate to and feel for. someday, maybe...
now, for my nominees (in no particular order):
  1. jen at the chronicles of violetta margarita
  2. sarah at baby talk
  3. andrea at palm trees & rainy days
  4. B- at not exactly what i had planned...
  5. lindsay at waiting for that positive
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  7. foxy at someday
  8. clewis at baby on my mind
  9. maria at mission: fertile soul
  10. amanda at our fertility journey
 thank you so much to baby hopes for this award!!!

now, if you'll excuse me, i need to go get knocked up. ;)


    Amanda said...

    Congrats, your blog is definitely stylish :)

    B is 6'9?!?! Holy crap! You two must look so cute together. And I had no idea you have 10 siblings, sounds so fun!

    Thanks so much for the nomination...I've been spoiled on your blog. xo

    Heather said...

    Very stylish blog...
    and nice name for your blog too..
    wishing you all the best

    Carmela said...

    Hi! Visiting from ICLW. 7 and 11 are for sure your lucky numbers! Your birth placement, birth month, and weight - what a coincidence! Pretty neat!

    Good luck to you! I look forward to following you on your journey.

    ICLW #65

    Marianne said...

    Thanks for the award! You rock!

    Baby Hopes said...

    Stylish on both counts for sure!!! I can't believe your eyes change color... that's such a rare trait! Mine do too... I get it from my dad. Mine are typically grey but go blue quite often and sometimes green. My dad's are green but sometimes go hazel and even edge on brown. So fun to know yours do something similar!

    Sarah said...

    Thanks so much for the award!! :) Hope you got knocked up today. For realz. Love # 4! So cool! Im always fascinated by number things like that. I definitely think there's a bigger meaning behind stuff like that. :) So glad Ill have a 2ww buddy!

    marilyn said...

    hey..not sure..but you dissapeared from my blog. I had to search for you. I love following your blog..I have a lot to catch up on. But I have to say, you are a great writer. I love your blog. Please tell us more about some of your ideas for writing. I am very curious:)

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