Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tour Begins

we rent a small townhouse in a small town. it's just right for our budget and, now, the fact that i live here by myself. it's just a two bedroom with a tiny kitchen, a tiny dining room, and a rather small living room. it's less than half the size of the house we owned in florida, but not much smaller than the house we still own out west (we rent it out). we're debating whether or not to stay in it for another year or rent a larger house (don't want to buy another one until we finally sell the house out west). it's pretty cozy, though, and pretty inexpensive to live in, so there's a good chance we'll (i'll) stick it out for one more year.

anyway, i think you can tell a lot about a personality by looking at the rooms they've decorated. so, i thought we could start with my tiny dining room.

table/chairs: 2nd hand (i refinished the table, but still need to do the chairs), $30; light: 2nd hand: $20

my fave chair! needs the seat re-upholstered

the curtain i put together to hide our pantry area: $10

i'm obsessed with picture frames/wall hangings. most of these came from big lots for $5

i repainted all of these and even distressed them to add character.

trivia fact: all of the pics in the frames were taken by me. :)

so, now you know how crazy my style is and how i go overboard with the DIY. next time i'll show you my tiny kitchen.

also, don't forget to email me your humpday hero nominations! thestorkdropzone at gmail dot com

and if you haven't already entered my give-away, there's still time!


B- said...

Love your style!

Bridget said...

So awesome!! I wish I was that crafty!

marilyn said...

I love your style!!!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it. I've been thinking of putting together a wall like that, and now you've totally inspired me. Can't wait to see more!

Love the wall color too..so warm and cozy.

Rebecca said...

Wow, awesome!! Your style is what I would have if I wasn't so lazy... :)

Baby Hopes said...

Very impressive!!!

Miss Mac said...

Love the colors & creativity!!!

Sarah said...

LOVE!!! :) Can you come over and do our place? :)

C said...

I love that shabby chic / vintage look. I wish I could do that to my place.

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