Monday, June 13, 2011

B Day!

today is B's birthday. yay! he is the big 3-5.

so, here's what i did this weekend. unfortunately, i had to work a few hours at a charity event saturday evening, so i had to make our plans around that, but it all worked out. we got up early and went and got breakfast then went to an early showing of super 8 on imax. after that, we did some clothes shopping for him (he's one of those rare men who actually enjoys shopping) and stopped for lunch.

i was able to get off work about a half hour early, which was a nice surprise. when i pulled up to the house, i noticed a text from B that said that he missed me and hoped i was having a good time at work. when i came in the door, i gave the excuse that i had to go upstairs to change and go to the restroom, so that i could sneak the last few toiletries into our overnight bags without him knowing, but he complained that i hadn't texted him back. i laughed and told him i'd text him from upstairs.

i rushed around and got everything put together then sent him a text that said "put on your shoes." he responded with "why?" and i replied with "because i want you to take out the garbage." (don't you love that we text each other from inside the same house? ha ha!) when i came downstairs with a couple of bags on my shoulder, he looked really confused and asked what was going on. i told him again to put his shoes on and that i was kidnapping him. he was so excited that it was adorable.

i didn't tell him where we were going until we got there. it wasn't a huge surprise, but it was just right for the amount of time we had. we drove down to winchester, virginia, a historic town that was where george washington grew up and where a few battles of the civil war were fought. i chose it because we both love history (we spend so much time up in gettysburg, pa and mount vernon, va) and it wasn't a far drive, since we only had a night and a day to spend there.

we stayed at aloft, a ritzy, modern hotel. it was absolutely beautiful and i got a smokin' deal on it on priceline (i LOVE that website).

we slept in, ate breakfast at ihop, and spent the rest of the day just walking around downtown old winchester admiring the architecture. it was so relaxing and so much fun to just be together.

on the way home, B said the sweetest thing. he told me that it wouldn't have mattered where i took him (though i chose well), because he knows that i'm not a planner and this is so far from the norm for me that the fact that i planned this out and completely surprised him with it meant the world to him. i love that he's so easy to please. ;)

he flew out early this morning, so we only had a little while on his actual b-day to spend together, so we'll just have to continue the festivities next weekend. the best part is that he knows of one present he's getting (he has to go pick it out on saturday) and he thinks that's his only present. little does he know that i had ordered something for him that he's really wanted for a while and it just came in today. i can't tell you what it is, just in case he reads this, but, boy, is he in for a big surprise next weekend!


E and R said...

Sounds like a great time! I am a history teacher and would love to live on the East coast near the Civil War sites - my masters (1 more class!) is in military history with and emphasis in the Civil War.
Happy Birthday to B!

Maria said...

what a sweet birthday surprise, you planned!! glad to hear the both of you enjoyed yourselves and got to take in each other's company and relax! :)

Baby Hopes said...

Sounds like so much fun! What a wonderful wife you are to plan such a great surprise!

Diana said...

Awww u are too sweet!! He is a lucky guy. I can't wait to see what u ordered! Hehe. Surprises are always the best! =)

On a side note: how did you get that "blog parade" you have to the right of your blog?? I would like to add one to mine because I follow so many amazing women and would like to display it as well. I didn't know if there was a link or how I look one up? Thanks :)

Have an excellent night!

Miss Mac said...

Wow, you get wife bonus points for this birthday:] That sounds like a great getaway trip! On our way to the beach this weekend we had to stop to tour the USS Yorktown, interesting but we want to go back when it's cooler! Happy birthday to B, how sweet that he really let you know how much this meant to him... he's a keeper!!!

Bridget said...

Awww you're so sweet!! What a lucky guy to have a wife like you :)

Sheryl said...

You are the cutest wife ever!! B is blessed to have you :) You are equally blessed to have him! What a great birthday surprise! I am glad it turned out perfect!

Rebecca said...

That is so sweet and so cool!!! :) What a great thing to do. Can't wait to hear about the next present!

mag said...

Sounds like a great trip, and he seemed very happy with the surprise! I may have to consult with you for my next surprise plan because I always find a way to mess it up or spill the beans ahead of time :)

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