Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Reads

if you're in need of some non-fertility related down-time, why not escape through a good book?

here are a couple of newly released books that i've recently read that get a thumbs up from me:

the proper care and maintenance of friendship by lisa verge higgins

synopsis: rachel, kate, jo, and sarah have been close friends since college despite their differences. rachel is an energetic, adventurous daredevil; kate is the perfect housewife; jo is a tough-as-nails career woman; and sarah is a dedicated humanitarian, who spends her time in the jungles of africa. rachel’s life is tragically cut short by cancer, but she leaves letters behind for all her friends and family, urging them to challenge themselves and step outside the boundaries of their comfortable lives. kate must go skydiving, sarah has to look up and reconnect with the one that got away, and jo is entrusted with the care of rachel’s young daughter. although kate, jo, and sarah are surprised by rachel’s requests, they can’t refuse her last wishes, and in executing them, they find out what’s really important in life.

my opinion: it's very chick-lit, but was surprisingly good. i don't usually go for anything too mushy, cliche or self-reverential that a lot of books in this genre are, but this one is none of those things. the characters were likeable and the challenges seemed pretty realistic. the writing is great, not too detailed and flows well. i give it two thumbs up, because who doesn't love a happy ending?

the lost gate by orson scott card

synopsis: danny north is an outcast in his own family, mocked by his cousins, mistrusted by the adults. one day, he discovers he has special powers—powers which are forbidden among his kind, and which, if discovered, will get him killed. so he runs away from home, determined to master his newfound abilities. these abilities make him uniquely suited to escape, and the farther he runs, the more he realizes how important he is, a chosen one, the only one who can unlock the gate to the world his people came from. now the outcast has to stay alive long enough to understand just how much he’s capable of, and how he can use that knowledge.

my opinion: there are actually two stories going on in this book, danny's and loki's, which was really confusing at first, especially because the synopsis never warned me of it. so, it took me a while to figure out where and whom the other parts were talking about. once i figured it out, though, the book really sucked me in. i've been a fan of orson scott card since i read ender's game, so i was really excited to find this in the stack of advance copies. of course, orson didn't let me down! he has this way of drawing the reader in and keeping your attention. he certainly kept mine! i breezed through this one so fast that i was sad when it ended. speaking of the ending, it's kind of a cliff hanger that really makes you anxious for a complete series. regardless, i give it two thumbs up, because i love characters with magical powers!

how's that for a completely non-fertility related post! ;)


myjourneythruinfertility said...

thanks for the recommendations!!

if you haven't read "the help" it is wonderful! and if you want something funny and sacrastic, try "the spellmand files" by lisa lutz

Josey said...

Yay - thanks for the recommendations! I've been looking for some new reads.

Baby Hopes said...

I love the sound of the first one... sounds like such a great read!!!

Bridget said...

I will definitely check these out!

Kristin said...

I'm always looking for new book recommendations. You should also pick up The Story of Beautiful Girl it is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. Here's the link to my review of The Story of Beautiful Girl.

ICLW #10

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I've been looking for some new books! :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I've been looking for some new books! :)

AP said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I've been reading a book a week lately and just thought that I really need some new suggestions. I am in the middle of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt which is a great read, too. Happy ICLW!

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