Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hero Humpday

thanks to my stupidity and forgetfulness and technical issues with my gmail account i am way behind in the humpday hero awards. (seriously, if you've emailed and i haven't responded, please resend it, because my gmail account was acting up recently and emails never came through.)

anyway, back to this week's recipient of the esteemed humpday hero award... this winner is such a positive, witty blogger, who makes you feel like you know her from reading her first post. i am a big fan and am so excited that she got nominated!

congrats to miss mac!!!

Wow, what an honor to receive an award from people who you have never met yet they care for you as if you’ve been forever friends!  I graciously accept the Humpday Hero Award!  Thanks to Carlia for creating this special way to show support and for the reader/s who nominated me!  You have given me a mid-week boost for sure!

Bio- My blog name is Miss Mac and my sweet significant other is referred to as PC.  We met in the spring of 2004 on a blind date and were married in the spring of 2005.  I was 28 and he was 32.  We were both settled in our careers, wanted kids from the start and decided to drop the BC soon after we were married.  Less than a year later, we began the roller coaster ride of infertility.  If you name it, I probably tried it.  From A (acupuncture) to Z (zinc)!  After many failed treatments and fading hope, we started saving for IVF.  We went through our first in vitro cycle two months ago.  We had five eggs, four to fertilize, two to transfer on day 3 (also our 6 year anniversary!), none to freeze, and are still in shock that one little fighter stuck with us!  We are currently 16 weeks pregnant and still in complete gratitude and awe of this miracle on the way.  

 10 unique things about myself- yikes, I don’t really qualify for much in the unique-ness category!  Nevertheless,

1.  We have three furbabies.  Medium, Large and a Gentle Giant!

2.  I love to read but have to carefully plan to read a new book because chances are I will stay up all night to finish a good book (PC can confirm).  My mom loved to go to the lake to sunbathe when I was little and I hated it.  She would bribe me with a new book so I would oblige by finding a shady spot and reading while she baked!

3.  Nothing relaxes me and provides stress relief like a Jeep drive with PC, no top (on the Jeep that is), no doors, no worries… on a beautiful sunny day.  

4.  We have an older Jeep that PC had when we married.  It’s a stick shift.  I’ve spent all six years of our marriage trying to learn to drive it during the summer months.  I have one route near our home that includes all right turns, no hills and no traffic lights.  I’m too chicken to turn on a new road!  This makes me want to cry and LOL at the same time! 

5.  I am an only child.  My parents divorced when I was two and my mom didn’t marry again until I was 21!

6.  I played the xylophone in high school band.

7.  I enjoy people watching much more than people mingling!

8.  I’ve never flown!  I’ve been on a few 10+ hour road trips but have never stepped foot on a plane. 

9.  I love bargains.  I don’t put a lot of time into couponing but I have a goal in life to one day walk out of a store with a purchase where they owe ME! 

10.  I put myself through college by working two jobs and taking a lot of night classes.  Still paying on the loan unfortunately, but I really appreciate that degree on the wall a whole lot more.  It gave me determination to “overcome obstacles and achieve my goals!” 
To my readers- I try to carry that same #10 attitude over to infertility but those mountains seemed (and still seem) way too high at times.  I haven’t shared much about this journey IRL so this place has truly been a refuge where I’ve found cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on, listening ears through the vents and frustrations and hearts that understand.  There are no words worthy enough to express how much each of you mean to me!  You all have amazing strength, resilience, classiness and determination when it comes to overcoming the world of IF. Therefore, I virtually raise a glass to all of you and say, “to whatever means it takes to achieve your dreams, fight for it, if one door shuts- swing the next one wide open and don’t take no for an answer!”  Cheers? 

Thank you and love to you all… Miss Mac

remember, you choose the winners, so don't forget to send me your nominations! email them to storkdropzone at gmail dot com.


Josey said...

You have never flown?! I can't even imagine!! Then again, I'm a travel whore. :)

Congrats on the nomination - lots of us adore your blog Miss Mac!

Amanda said...

What a perfect recipient. I love Miss Mac! I've always wanted a jeep like that :)

The furbabies are adorable!!

foxy said...

Yeah - I love Miss Mac. So glad that I met her when we were cycling together.

Nicely done Carlia!

Bridget said...

Love Miss Mac!! This is a well deserved award!!

Donor Egg Mom said...

how exciting! i first visited her blog back in march and like you said, i felt like i knew her and could relate, happy for the nomination.

Baby Hopes said...

Awesome post!!! She is such a sweetheart!!!

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