Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hero Humpday...FINALLY!!!

 i'm finally back on track and this week's humpday hero is one of my favorite bloggers. since the readers of TSDZ nominated her, that means they have fabulous taste. ;)

so, without further ado, say hi to josey from my cheap version of therapy...

My husband and I are both 29 years old and live in a tiny town in southwest Colorado (tiny = less than 1,000 people). We both love the outdoors and do lots of rafting, hiking, golfing, and snowboarding whenever possible. :) We started TTC on our 1 yr wedding anniversary in July 2009, and after nearly 2 years, countless 6 hour drives to the RE in Denver, and an injectible IUI cycle, we find ourselves on the next scary journey in life! Our little "Rock Star" is due to arrive just before Christmas, and we pray daily for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and life for this little one. I swear too much, I travel whenever possible, and I absolutely love my blog friends!
10 Unique Things About Me:
1. My family calls me "The Queen of Everything." It started b/c of a shirt I wore a child (I still have it!), and it just stuck.
2. I'm very Type A - I plan everything...but I don't think I want to find out the gender of the Rock Star before hearing the midwife say "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl!" It kind of gives me heart palpitations to think of all the planning I couldn't get done pre-birth though if we don't find out, so we shall see.
3. I love cheese. And beer. But not necessarily in that order. It pains me that I'm a Minnesotan by birth who happens to like items that are distinctly Wisconsinish.
4. I just bought $100 of new clothes at Spo.rts Auth.ority (all pink & black!) and justified it because I've easily saved double that by not buying alcohol since getting pregnant.
5. I'm the oldest of 5 kids and LOVED having tons of siblings growing up...but thanks to our TTC issues, we're now thinking 1-2 kiddos max. Expensive!
6. I'm fluent in French...or at least I used to be, and I'm dying to get back over there asap. I'd actually love a trip there next spring. *fingers crossed*
7. I was a pretty shitty girlfriend to my now husband, but we talked through our troubles and have a strong marriage now. Screw the people who say people can't change.
8. I wasn't allowed to even say words like "retarded" or "fart" while growing up, and now I slip up and use the f* word in front of my Mom. It still kind of creeps me out and makes me stammer apologies when that happens. Sorry, Mom.
9. I was an Int'l Business double major in college and now I'm waitressing/bartending. I think at this point I'm hoping I can be a SAHM for a few years and then go back and find a job more along my original career path goals. This is also a reason we've contemplated moving to the Phoenix area - I pretty much need to be in a city for my desired career.
10. I miss my siblings Living so far from my family is the single hardest thing about settling down 1,000 miles from "home." It's also the single biggest reason I hope to win the lottery someday. If travel back and forth weren't a concern, it'd be so much easier!
Message for the Readers:
Don't give up, but don't put your life on hold for TTC either. I know it sounds clic, but it's so true. In the meantime, enjoy your drinks, your freedom to go places without calling/paying for a babysitter, and the love of the family and friends you have surrounding you. That's what gets you through life whether you have kids or not!
congrats, josey!
now, my faithful friends, i need your nominations for future humpday heroes! email me the name and blog of the inspiring blogger(s) you'd like to see featured as a humpday hero at storkdropzone at gmail dot com.

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