Thursday, June 30, 2011

Queen of Everything

or so my new award tells me. okay, not everything, but i do get to make three rules *insert maniacal, evil laugh* (and they're so awesome that they better stick!).

natalie over at my blog is boring gave me authority to put my power to use for the good of mankind, (check out her rules here.) so here it goes...

rule #1: dieting is being revolutionized! in fact, it's now completely opposite from what it was. that means veggies are the enemy and desserts & junk food are the good guys. broccoli is fattening and cupcakes are diet food! also included in this new weightloss plan is the exercise itself. i won't say that it's bad, because i am partial to a good endorphin rush, so we're just going to increase the results of your hard work. for every 30 minutes you work out, a whole pound is lost! for our metric using friends, that's 0.45359237 kilos. (thanks, google. you know everything.)

rule #2: life is now fair! people get what they deserve, whether it be good or bad. bad people = punishment. good people = rewards. hard work now pays off every time and good intentions have good outcomes. no good deed will be punished! and for every bad thing that happens to good people, a really good thing comes along to balance it out. ahhh, utopia!

rule #3: birthday presents are now mandatory from every person you know, with bigger presents for milestone birthdays, of course. this one comes in particularly handy right now, since my 30th birthday is on tuesday. don't worry, though, there's still time to drop it in the mail! i also accept belated presents. ;)

by the power vested in me as the overlord, i bestow this award on the following bloggers, because, well... i'm just dying to know what they're rules will be:

ashley @ traditionally nontraditional
sarah @ baby talk
junebug @ junebug's musings
jennifer @ do i have to be a d.i.n.k.
josie @ my cheap version of therapy
diana @ bun(less) in the oven
mag @ witty infertility


Diana said...

LOL!!! I love your rules!!!! I just ate an ice cream cone from mcdonalds so I totally ate healthy!! And yes good things happen to good people/ bad things to bad people.. Couldnt agree more! As far as gifts.. Yes yes yes!! More gifts please! :)

Thank you for passing on this honor your majesty. I will have to work on it tonight seeing that I'm on my handy dandy phone right now. I gotta come up w some good ones.. Wouldn't wanna disappoint u! Hehe.

Natalie said...

Your rules are all fantastic and brilliant, just like I knew they would be!

Sarah said...

Thank you for this award Queen Carlia! :) So fun! And thank you for making cupcakes diet food. I friggin love cupcakes. Will work on my rules this weekend! :)

mag said...

Carlia you crack me up! Thanks for the award :) Made my whole day. I just wish I could come up with some hilarious rules like you and Diana!!

Thanks again!

Josey said...

Happy early birthday!!

Love your I need to come up with some goodies of my own!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

How fun! I just posted my rules!!!

junebug said...

Thank you!!! Sorry I'm so slow in getting around to check everything out. I'm in a rush to finish my adoption paperwork before Tuesday. I'll work on my post for later next week. :-)

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