Monday, June 20, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

that's what B is - absolutely, positively spoiled rotten. :)

my plan to surprise him had to include a diversion, so i told him he could get the one thing he's been asking for for the past 6 years (besides a baby) don't cringe or think i'm crazy, but i told him he could get a hand gun.

luckily, there was a gun show in town this past weekend and we were able to get a great deal on a springfield xdm 40 caliber. he had wanted a glock really, really bad, but they've been on backorder for months and the springfield is pretty much the equivalent. what i didn't count on was that he would want us to have a matching pair, so that i could go to the range with him. you can take the girl outta texas, but you can take gun-toting, lasso-flinging, big-haired, red lipstick wearing texas cowgirl outta me. so, of course i said "heck yeah!" we are now waiting for the mandatory waiting period to go pick up our new weapons of minor destruction.

that was just the beginning. what he didn't know was that i had ordered him an ipad 2! oh, you should have seen his face when he opened it. he was stunned! he's been talking about them for a while and even tried to bid on one online, since he didn't know i had already bought him one. it's a good thing he lost the auction. needless to say, he spent pretty much the rest of the weekend playing with his new gadget. boys and their toys...

of course, i told him that those two gifts would have to also be his un-father's day present and anniversary present for next month. however, he did get one more present, this time not from me. our neighbor and wonderful friend, sarah, made him the most delicious banana pudding that he devoured. seriously, i didn't even get a taste. it was gone in one sitting. the sweetest part about it was the beautiful poem that she had written for him. i loved it so much that i just had to include it in this post:

there are so many little ones you've showered with your love.
we know that one is watching and waiting up above.

you've held so many little ones and kept them safe from harm. 
we know that one is waiting now to come into your arms.

your little one is there and watching all you do.
your bravery and strength are known, your patience and kindness, too.

your laugh, your smile and all your quirks to little one are known.
we hope that soon this little one will come into your home.

with hearts full of hopeful faith, we pray for your little one,
and we can't wait to see in your arms your daughter or your son.

isn't she amazing?!? we were blown away by her kindness and thoughtfulness.

so, you can see how spoiled B is, now...and i'm pretty spoiled to have him in my life.


Diana said...

What a wonderful surprise!!! That poem was soooo sweet. =) Thanks for sharing!

I'm so jealous... an Ipad 2??? eeeeekkk.. my 30th bday is coming up in Sept. Maybe I should start giving the hubby hints now.. hehehe.

Have a wonderful night!

Baby Hopes said...

So sweet! He is one spoiled rotten husband! And by neighbors as well! What a sweet poem!

mag said...

This is going to sound so weird, but I am so jealous of your husband???!!! LOL j/k.

It's so great to hear about couples that are as in love as you both are. You make me smile so much with your posts about surprising your hubby - so glad I stumbled onto your blog my dear :)

Bridget said...

It is nice to spoil our guys every once in awhile! I love that poem, so so sweet!!

C said...

Very sweet poem! Those are great gifts.

All the best!

Visiting from ICLW!

B- said...

LOL. Your husband is spoiled! I feel like my hubby is spoiled too- but in a different way. I tell him that he always gets his own way and makes all the decisions... and that I am just along for the ride. He doesn't like it when I say it, but I think it is because it is true. Must be a guy thing.

Gen said...

B is one lucky guy! Glad you were able to pull off the surprise :)

Your neighbor is too sweet. I got teary eyed reading the poem.

Good things are definitely in your path!

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