Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yup, I'm Crazy

everyone says that infertility makes you crazy. why else would we spend thousands of dollars on HPTs that we know will be negative? how else can you explain our obsession with thermometers? however, i must be the exception to this rule. that's not because i'm not crazy. no, it's because i've always been crazy. it's true! i'm a little on the loca side. here's proof:

  • i am completely anal about things being symmetrical, balanced or straight (no crooked pictures hanging in my house!), but i am a complete slob. my bedroom currently looks like a tornado ripped through it.
  • my impulsiveness is insane. i once chopped my hair off on a whim. when i say chopped off, i mean gone, almost all of it. think julia roberts as tinkerbell in hook. bad, bad idea.
  • i talk to my cats as if they could talk back. i'm not a crazy cat lady...i don't think, but i can't seem to stop myself!
  • i hate feet. correction: i loathe feet. i really dislike my own (absolutely refuse to ever get a pedicure), but i cannot stand to be touched by other people's feet. one of my little sisters used to torment me by putting her sasquatch feet on me when we were sitting on the couch watching TV.
  • occasionally i try weird tricks for my hair and skin. i once made a hair mask out of olive oil, egg whites, and a few other interesting ingredients. it was messy and, well, a big flop. my latest find is using preparation H for my under-eyes to reduce puffiness. oddly enough, it actually works!
  • when i find a movie i really like, i watch it over and over again until i burn out on it. lately i've been watching the young victoria, still haven't burned out yet.
  • i hate crowds of people. when i'm stuck in a large group (ie. the subway in NYC), i tend to have panic attacks. i could never live in a big city.
  • i am the queen of starting projects and never finishing them. i have such a backlog of them that i don't know that i'll ever get to check them all off.
  • i like frozen french fries, emphasis on frozen. sometimes i'll put them in the oven, but if i just want a quick snack, i grab the bag from the freezer and crunch away.
  • i am abnormally forgetful. it is not an uncommon occurrence for me to walk into a room and not remember why i went in there in the first place.
so, you can see that my lack of brain cells and quirks have pushed me past the point of sanity and into the realm of the crazies. infertility or no infertility, i'm crazy.


SLESE1014 said...

everything you said up until the frozen french fry thing sounded completely normal to me. unfortunately, you lost me there. but i can't really say anything, i used to eat raw hot dogs and stick of butter. please note the emphasis on 'used to.'

i think those of us who go thru IF are all crazy...we have to be to even start and we just get crazier as we go along!

Bridget said...

You aren't crazy!!

Baby Hopes said...

Oh, Carlia. On so many of these, we could be sisters. You are emphatically NOT crazy because I REFUSE to believe that I am crazy. Does that make me crazy? humph...

Maria said...

you make me laugh!!
i don't think you're crazy one bit!!
and if you were, you'd have every single right to be! :)
i loved reading your list...mmm frozen french fries are amazing
uncooked spaghetti is also a favorite!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I don't think you are crazy - I have also tried the prep H for my eyes!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I just kept nodding along to so many of these.

-yep, totally anal but also a slob
-yep, talk to the cats like they can talk back
-yep, can't stand crowds and start to panic in groups of people who aren't moving
-yep, can't finish a project to save my life
-yep, lately I can't seem to find words I want to say about 1/2 the time. Makes my husband crazy.

Monica said...

Sounds like the "GOOD" kind of crazy to me! ;)

Sarah said...

So I'm reading your list and thinking "she's not TOO crazy" then I got to the french fry thing. Um, wow! Never saw that one coming!!! I've got my own list of crazy things too - I bet we all do!

Great, now I'm thinking of buying a bag of french fries just to try one frozen...

David and Kelli said...

Well you are a S! Hahahahaha! But I knew I liked you...I do the same thing with movies which drove my family CRAZY!!! and Young Victoria is one of my all time favorites!!!!

menorsitah swagger said...

i dont thin that is crazy. ;)

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