Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hero Humpday

we have another humpday hero!!! the nominee this week is a witty blogger who pours her personality into every post. she isn't your typical IF blogger, as she blogs about more than just her journey toward parenthood. she also entertains with posts of her goals, life stories, hilarious inner monologues and wacky what-if's. regardless of whether you're an infertile or not, her blog will definitely put a smile on your face.

and now, for this week's humpday hero...junebug from junebug's musings:

I have been dropping in for a long time to check out who was nominated for the Humpday Hero Award.  Never in a gazillion years did I even dream I would be nominated.  Thank you!  I am now attempting to decide whether to celebrate with chocolate or a cocktail or a chocolate cocktail. 

I started blogging five years ago because I was bored.  It seemed like something fun to do.  At that point I had been TTC for four years.  I was still pretty positive.  I’ve been through 9 doctors and while I do currently still have an IF dr. I am not actively TTC.  We are shifting gears and working our way through the adoption process.  Once we have adopted our first child, I will return to TTC with more IUIs.  By trade I am an actress/director, however, I have been spending most my time lately writing.  I was preparing to get my MFA in Creative Writing prior to being transplanted to Savannah, GA for hubby’s job.  Currently I am researching the best baby products and designing my dream nursery.  I’m not on the path I dreamed.  I’m not on the path I hoped.  I am facing the path I was given and providing roadside litter pickup. 

10 Things about Junebug:
1.      I cannot whistle.  No.  I can’t just put my tongue here or blow this way.  I can’t whistle!!  It drives me so nuts.  I can’t even stand to listen to anyone else whistle.  It hurts my ears but it might hurt my pride more. 
2.      My husband and I dated on and off for four years of college.  We went our separate ways for seven years before he found me again via  We were married less than two years later. 
3.      I can change full outfits in less than 30 seconds.  A skill I learned as an actress. 
4.      I once owned a goat who thought she was a cat and would sun on top of the car.
5.      My niece and nephew called me Aunt Juju because my nephew couldn’t say June when he was little.  I miss hearing them call me Aunt Juju. 
6.      I am the first person in my family to go straight to college and to leave with an actual degree.  Much to my family’s dismay it is a BFA in Theatre Performance.  “What the hell are you going to do with that?” they asked.  “Do what every good actress does…wait tables.”  Too bad they don’t have a degree for being a smart ass. 
7.      I have been known to dance in the rain. 
8.      I can only eat things when they are divided evenly in my mouth.  Unless it is M&Ms in which case I have to eat them two of the same color one for each side. 
9.      I love thin crust cheese pizza topped with bacon and cheese flavored popcorn.  Don’t knock until you try it. 
10.  I often make up my own words.  Such as lasterday for yesterday.  It is a gift.

Message to the readers:  It is easy to get mired in the muddy world of IF.  I could not have imagined the amazing IF community I would find including new IRL friends.    I am infertile and I adore the IF community but I found blogging about it depressing.  It is easier for me to read other’s blogs and comment in a positive way if I’m not writing about the depressing bits of my journey and instead focus on the other aspects of myself.   Whether you write about IF or mostly serve as support to other IFers, remember you are more than infertile.  You are so much more.

congrats junebug!!!

now, don't forget to keep the nominations coming! it doesn't matter if the inspiring blogger you think deserves the award is new to the IF community or has been around for a while, whether they have 2 followers or 200. if you think they deserve some recognition, email their name and blog name to me at storkdropzone at gmail dot com.


Baby Hopes said...

Great post! Congratulations June!!!

CrysHouse said...

I enjoyed the roadside litter pickup comment. How many of us feel exactly the same way?

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