Thursday, July 7, 2011


i pulled out all the stops for B's birthday last month. seriously, i went to great lengths to surprise him and really make it a special birthday. and what does he do when it comes time for my birthday? he completely blows my efforts out of the water!

B has a competitive side, even when it comes to me, so when he saw how well i had surprised him, he felt the need to up his game.

i could be mad that he beat me, but i'm pretty much the one who reaped the rewards of his efforts, so i'll let this one slide. ;)

so, here's the story... i am not a morning person and when B woke me up at 6:30 am sunday morning, i was not a happy camper, especially when his reason for waking me up was that he couldn't sleep and wanted me to get up so we could go do something. i tried to ignore him in my groggy state, but he was relentless.

i finally got up and followed his instructions to dress comfortably and pack an overnight bag that included an outfit to wear to dinner. he told me he had this brilliant idea to take me hiking and camping. i tried to dissuade him by reminding him that we don't even own a tent or any other camping gear, but he kept telling me to just go with it. that became the slogan of the weekend, "just go with it".

so, B plugged an address into the GPS and we headed out onto the freeway. suddenly, B had this major need to pee, so he had me take the next exit so that he could make a pit stop. when we were headed back to the freeway, he gave me the wrong directions and we ended up in the park & ride. i started to go back, but he told me to go ahead a park and we would figure out where to go.

then he got out of the car, put his backpack on and started toward the bus stop. huh? turns out he had booked us on the megabus to NYC! sneaky...very sneaky.

when we got to the city it was raining and we practically ran 20 blocks to the hotel he booked us in for the night. turns out it was the affinia shelburne, a contemporary 4-star hotel near the empire state building. our room - oh, our room! wow! - was a corner suite about halfway up with a direct view of the empire state building. so beautiful!

taken with B's phone - sorry for the bad quality!
anyway, when we got up there he told me to hurry and change because there was another surprise. he had gotten us tickets to see wicked!!! anyone who knows me well knows how much i LOVE that soundtrack and have been dying to see the play for years.

taken with B's phone again. :(
you know when you've waited for something for a really long time and you've built up these expectations that couldn't possibly be met? well, this wasn't one of those times. the play was everything i dreamed of and more!

what a trip! it was only one night, but it was the best birthday surprise ever! B was so sweet to make my 30th birthday memorable (my b-day was tuesday). he did good, didn't he? i guess he wins. ;)

on a side note, i got a call from the clinic today telling me that they got the approval from our insurance to go ahead with the IVF! yay!

on another side note, you have to stop by my sister's blog (which i'm currently working on revamping for her) to enter her give-away! it ends tomorrow, so hurry!


amiracle4us said...

What a fabulous surprise!!! I guess if you have to 'lose' then that is the perfect way to do it!

Bridget said...

Happy birthday!! I love that surprise, he did good :) And yay for IVF!!!

Sarah said...

Wow so many wonderful things in this post! Way to go B! What a fun surprise :) I LOVE Wicked too, was totally blown away. Happy 30th!!! And hellz yeah to the IVF approval!! :)

B- said...

Such a great surprise!! Happy late bday!

Baby Hopes said...

Woooooow!!! What a fantastic birthday!!! You and your husband have great taste!!! Sounds like a dream birthday to me! I'm so excited for you two on moving forward with IVF!!! I'm so hoping it works out for you two!!!

Maria said...

what an amazing birthday and hubby! happy belated birthday! your days sounds like a dream come true!
happy weekend!

OneMooreFamily said...

I love this post! That is the BEST 30th b-day ever . . . NYC, Wicked, IVF, a weekend with B. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations to the most deserving woman!

Amanda said...

What a sweet surprise!! I loved how he kept you guessing until the last second. I think our husbands would be great friends lol.

I loved Wicked!! That soundtrack is amazing...

YAY for insurance approval!

Miss Mac said...

He did very well... happy belated birthday! On to IVF... exciting times ahead!

Katie said...

I ADORE Wicked and have seen it 5 times! I'm so glad that it met all of your expectations and more!

Happy belated birthday! Have a great weekend!

Diana said...

Very cool ma'am!! I am dyin to see that play!! Found out it's comin next year I think. I'm so there! :)

Anywho happy belated Bday!!!! have a wonderful weekend

Rebecca said...

What an awesome birthday surprise!! Happy birthday!

And, yay for the insurance approval!

Gen said...

Great job by the hubby! Happy belated birthday - enjoy every day!!

Sarah Lunt said...

Best. Birthday. Ever. and you deserve it!

Love you girl!

Sheryl said...

You two are the cutest!! How fun that you both had such great surprises!! I LOVE wicked. The pool is already and we are expecting you to come for a party sometime (sooner than later). Blake will not forget that you said you'd come out.

And YAY for moving ahead with the IVF :D

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