Monday, September 26, 2011

Proud to be Cheap

in all of my daydreaming about having a baby i kind of left out the fact that it's freaking expensive! i've never really added up the cost of all of the things for the nursery, the clothes, the diapers...the list just keeps going. it's kind of scary, especially because i'm kind of cheap (B even more so). i've never been above shopping clearance racks... or even buying second hand. yup, i am that cheap. luckily, i haven't been reduced to buying spit up stained onesies straight from the 80s at goodwill. i had a much better venue.

a few weeks ago, there was a "nearly new" sale nearby and it just happened to be right after we found out the gender, so, of course, we loaded up. aside from the awesome KISS t-shirt and tons of other completely cool baby clothes, we were able to get some of the pricier necessities.

our steals included:
  • pack-n-play ($40)
  • jogging stroller ($80)
  • baby einstein exer-saucer ($25)
  • baby bjorn ($20)
yeah, i'm pretty proud of my purchases. :)

if there's anyone interested and happens to be anywhere near the baltimore area, there's going to be another one of these sales october 8th at the howard county fairgrounds. if you go, keep an eye out for me. i'll be the crazy woman running around looking for a crib.

*on a side note: i'm getting ready to email the pics to everyone, but i still need email addresses for slese, unaffected, and niccki1211. also, the give-away is still open if you want in. :)


Sarah said...

Sweet deals!!!!

also check Ebay, a friend of mine picks up lots of clothing for her daughters and they work out to be about a $1 or $2 per piece!!!

The New Adventures of Old Christie said...

I live at Fort Meade. Thanks for the heads up.

Bridget said...

Way to go bargain girl! Those are awesome deals!

clewis said...

Good Job. I'm a bargain hunter too!

JustHeather said...

There is nothing wrong with Goodwill or Salvation Army. I've been shopping there since I was a teen! Congrats on your great scores.

SLESE1014 said...

so super impressed at your shopping results!!!

If I knew who owned the stuff I was buying, I would totally buy second hand, but since it took so much to get this kid, there's something holding me back. We are definitely sale shoppers and have saved a bunch of money, but we've also spent a lot!! I hear ya on the expensive front!!

My email is available on my profile...let me know if you have trouble finding it :)

Julia said...

Consignment sales:;;

Niccki1211 said...

Sorry I didn't leave my email!! Thanks

And BTW you did awesome on the items you got! Look for consignment sales near you also, great way to stock up on all things baby related. FB has a whole page dedicated to consignment shopping

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