Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time for Another Give-Away

after a lot of thought...and shopping, i finally decided on the colors of the nursery. i bought the fabric for the bedding and i'm super excited about it! it's a project that will take me a little time, but there are some other smaller projects it has inspired that i can do along the way.

the first project i've started is some artwork to frame and hang on the walls. i took a little time today and put my mad graphic design skills (almost as good as nunchuk skills or computer hacking skills) to work and created a few pieces.












ok, more than a few. i'm so in love with them that i thought i'd use them for a give-away!

this isn't your run-of-the-mill give-away, either. i really wanted to do something that everyone could win, so here's how it's going to work: if you like the artwork and would like to have a copy, become a follower (if you aren't already one) and drop me a line! the pics i've uploaded here are just thumbnails with watermarks, but the real pics are 8x10s that won't have a watermark on them. you can choose up to three pics (just tell me which numbers you want) and i'll email them to you for you to be able to print them out onto photo paper or cardstock or whatever tickles your fancy.

so, be sure to either leave me a comment or email me (thestorkdropzone at gmail dot com) with your selection(s) and your email address.

everyone's a winner!

oh, and welcome ICLWers!!!


SLESE1014 said...

So awesome...I wish ihad one millionth of your talent! I really like #5, #6, & #9 the best.... Those birdies are just so sweet.

Bridget said...

Carlia these are awesome!!! I love 1 & 5!!

Sarah said...

These are so great! My fav's are #1,#10, and #11. :) My email is You know what I miss? Your "I'd be a better parent, because..." posts! haha I almost did one when you were "gone" but didn't want to step on your toes!

Baby Hopes said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! You are so talented!!! I love #1, #3, and #4!!! Absolutely amazing! You're so generous for sharing!!! Thank you!!! My email address is babyhopes2003 (at) gmail (dot) com. Can't wait!!! :)

sunnyside up said...

You are SUPER creative!!! I wish I had time to be this creative!!
I'm envious!
Congrats on the news!!!
I'm so excited for you!

I like #11, #9, #5, #3, #1...ohhh you said only three...hmmm.. okay then I like #1, #3 and #11.
But I really think that #5 and #9 are pretty stinkin' awesome too!! My email is

I can't wait!!!!!!


Adam and Julia said...

I love #11. I have twins, and it would be great in their nursery!!!!!

JustHeather said...

I've been following you for some time. ;) These are lovely and it so hard to choose between them. In the end, I chose #1, #10 and #11.

unaffected said...


My faves are: #1, #10, #11.

Great work! :D

Nate and Lori said...

I WON! I WOn! Oh wait, everyone won. :) I love #5,2,3.

Josey said...

Wait, you're joking about not having good graphic design skills, right? These are awesome!!

#1, #10, #11 are my favs!! You rock Carlia!

Niccki1211 said...

Wow they are all amazing!! I wish I had a room that they would all match in. But for now #1, 2, 3 would match my room!! I may have to re-paint the babies room so I can use them there!!

Deborah said...

WHAHOOOO!!! I won a giveaway!!! 1-3. I also like 7, and...well they are all adorable.

Kelly said...

What a rockin' nursery you're going to have! Where in the world did you find the awesome fabrics??? L-O-V-E them!!! Blessings to ya! ICLW #24

Beth said...

I love 1, 5 & 11! Looks like your nursery colors and theme are going to be similar to ours. :)

harper.elisabeth @

St Elsewhere said...

Hi there are so creative! Those designs are fantastic.

Also congratulations on your pregnancy!

Be good.

iclw #39

A m a n d a said...

I seriously can't believe you made these! I love them all!!

#1, #10, and #11 are my faves though.

Thanks so much Carlia! I can't wait to see the completed project. You of all people will know how to 'do' a nursery :)

amiracle4us said...

Oober jealous!! I so want to know how to do graphic design stuff! I think my favs are 9,5,1 (and 11)....they are all lovely!

Can't wait to see the outcome :)

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