Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Finally Did It

i broke down and opened up an account on facebook. i'm not a huge facebooker, but i needed it in order to join pinterest. i keep hearing about this virtual pinboard and i'm so glad i got my invite, because i. am. hooked. i know, i know, it's just one more distraction when i should be editing photos, crocheting a baby afghan, and painting my bedroom. but it's so darn addictive!

so, feel free to hit me up on facebook and follow me on pinterest.

on facebook, keep an eye out for a carlia with this face:

or just search me by my email.

and on pinterest, look for clevercarlia or just click on the button on my sidebar.

if anyone needs an invite, let me know! :)

*in response to julia's commen:

when you first see the word "pinterest" it doesn't really make any sense, but when you break it down to pin + interest, it totally explains what it is. it's a virtual board where you pin ideas for how to's, things you want to buy, things that inspire you, etc. 

as a fairly crafty person, i spend a lot of time scouring the craft blogs, which is extremely time consuming. pinterest has basically compiled a list for me, based on my interests. so now, instead of googling "christmas decoration how-to", i can just scroll down the list of ideas other people have found and repin them to my own board (basically a visual bookmarking system), so i can just go back to them when i'm ready. or, as i'm looking at blogs/websites and i happen to see something that i love or a how-to i want to try, i can pin directly from that site, which will make it available to all of the other pinners on pinterest. sharing is caring!

my life as a crafter has forever been changed. well, maybe not that dramatic, but i am totally hooked! ;)


3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby said...

Tell me about what's awesome about pin interest? I've heard of it... but that's about it. I sent you a facebook friend request :)
(Julia) said...

I've got addicted to Pinterest too... and after taking my personal account off FB months ago, decided to rejoin as a connection to my blog :) See you there :)) xoxo

Sarah said...

You've taken the plunge! Prepared to be stalked. haha. Kidding. Pretty pic of you!

Andrea said...

I LOVE pinterest!

Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

I love pinterest! I use it mostly for recipes, but someday I hope to use to for nursery/baby ideas.

amiracle4us said...

OOOO LOVE Pintrest too!! I too didn't have FB or twitter, but actually made a twitter account (that I don't use at all) in order to sign up. That way I was able to avoid FB still!

Miss Mac said...

I think I'm going to have to make a pseudo FB or twitter because I do enjoy pinterest! Legal to steal someone else's homework, lol. Great pic btw!

Kayla and Josh said...

of course you open one just as josh and i leave. :( it's turning too trashy. people are hacking other people's account and sending out porn so we left until it can get cleaned up. :/ i hope to see you on pintrest though!

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