Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself

i love blog awards! it always puts a huge smile on my face when i get one, like someone out there really cares about me and is giving me a massive bear hug. :)

andrea at palm trees & rainy days and baby hopes at chasing our stork both gave me the "tell me about yourself" award. yup, i'm grinning from ear to ear right now. hee hee! thanks, ladies!!!

so, this one is more of a get-to-know-you award. i tell you 7 fascinating facts about me that you may not already know then i get to pass it on to 5 of my favorite bloggers, because sharing is caring. ;)

here we go:
  1. i'm fascinated by all things ghostly! i've been on several ghost tours and am addicted to ghost hunters (on scifi) and ghost adventures (on the travel channel). i don't really know where this morbid curiosity comes from, but there it is.
  2. i am terrified of being in large crowds of people. i seriously freak out, like real panic attacks. i start to get dizzy and hyperventilate and tremble. this phobia really doesn't make sense for me, since i come from such a large family. i should be used to being surrounded by people!
  3. i caved in and started drinking coke zero again. for shame! but it tastes oh so good!
  4. i'm obsessed with snow! i grew up in a very warm climate and didn't see real snow until i was 20. i've been in love with it ever since. i think i could live in alaska and be happy, because i am mesmerized by the falling snow...plus winter clothes are so stinkin' cute!
  5. i had a pet goat when i was a kid. his name was ichabod, but we called him icky. he was so cute and thought he was a dog! we also raised calves. some were to sell, some were to breed, and some were to eat. we named them and bottle-fed them, knowing what their fate could possibly be. needless to say, we learned the facts of life very early. and i must say, bubba was awfully tasty!
  6. i've worked (beyond babysitting) since i was about 14. my first job was as a janitor at our school. it was really hard work, but i learned the value of a dollar...and that i never wanted to be a janitor when i grew up. i also worked as a stable hand at a horse ranch, shoveling manure. i've done more than my share of grunt work.
  7. i have crazy long toes. B calls them my monkey toes. their pretty dexterous, too. when i drop things, i'm usually able to pick them up with my toes, saving me the pain of having to actually bend over...because i'm lazy. i'm sure i'll appreciate this talent when i have a big pregnant belly to deal with.
now, i want to learn more about
josey @ my cheap version of therapy
marianne @ the daily miracle
bridget @ the lost stork
tiffany @ a stroll in the neighborhood
foxy @ someday

now, for those of you who are dying for a baby update (aka sarah ;) ha ha!) here's the latest. we're at 36 weeks and baby mama is not dilated yet. that means he shouldn't arrive before 38 weeks for sure (according to the doc, at least). baby boy is measuring about 5lbs this week, too, so he still has some growing to do. we're going to buy the car seat this weekend and we've decided to forgo the glider in the nursery. instead, we'll be getting a recliner! of course, it will be the kind that rocks and it's going to be unbelievably comfortable. it's not exactly what i had in mind for the nursery, but B talked me into it, reminding me of the late night feedings that could result in me falling asleep while rocking the little dude. a recliner does sound much more appealing in that situation. we've also been reading the book healthy sleep habits, happy baby. it was recommended to us by several people and it's really been an eye-opener. i'm excited/nervous to put what i'm learning into practice. well, only 4 more weeks to go till we get to experience parenthood first-hand and i'm so excited!!!


Sarah said...

AHHH! Thank you for the baby update!:) I was having thoughts that he was already here and you were hoarding all the new baby love haha I too am obsessed with all things ghostly!!! It's so weird. I love watching all those shows, but then get terrified and can't sleep. Never been on a ghost tour, but I was PART of one years ago. My ex and I went to Charleston SC and he booked our hotel room at this old bed and breakfast type place. Well as we are getting ready to go to dinner one night I hear people talking outside our window. I look out and there's A FREAKING GHOST TOUR out there and the guide is pointing right at our hotel!! Needless to say, I didn't sleep for like 3 days! I also LOVE snow, and I'm pretty sad right now that we may not have a white xmas :(

Josey said...

I love learning random shit about my IF friends. :) Thanks for the nomination! I'll try to do a post myself one of these days. :)

SOO excited how close you are to meeting your own little one!

foxy said...

i love the baby update! and am so glad that you are having fun getting the room ready. I could never get into the baby prep (because it felt too real, maybe, and I've afraid to believe that this is actually real), and barely have a dresser set up.

Thanks for the award! I need to write up a post soon :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the nomination! :o) You're so close to meeting your little one!

Baby Hopes said...

Such a fun post - I love learning more about you! OH MY GOODNESS!!! 36 WEEKS!!! I'm so, so, so excited for you all!!! Just four weeks!!!

Robbie K said...

Stopping by from ICLW

Good call on the recliner...waaaay more comfy to sleep in than a glider.

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