Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Infertility is an Ugly Word

i hate the term "infertility". i move that we replace it with something with a little more personality. perhaps... relaxation deficiency. what do you think? what would you like to change it to?

this is just a quick post, because we'll be on the road here shortly. i'm currently 5dpIUI and i feel good. the main difference between this 2WW and others is the cramping i'm feeling. my uterus feels like one giant bruise. oh, and i can't forget the sore, tingly nips! what's that about? for now, i'll just blame it on the HCG that's lingering in my body and the progesterone boost i've got going on.

also, i've already gotten some fabulous nominations for the humpday hero awards. i'll be contacting the nominees shortly to get their posts started. if you have anymore nominations, feel free to email me. there's no deadline and you can nominate as many bloggers as you think deserve the award!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sharing the Love

i wanted to post this tomorrow, since it's wednesday related, but we'll be on the road to rhode island, so today it is!

i had such an amazing week during ICLW! i met a lot of really incredible bloggers with some pretty inspirational stories. it really opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of women out there blogging about their journey who deserve some recognition. in that spirit, i want to start a new segment i like to call hero humpday! it's kind of a mix between guest blogging and winning an award (they'll get a specially designed button [by yours truly] to display on their blog saying that they were a humpday hero). the post will include their bio and a message from the hero, along with any pics they want to include. it will be a wednesday post (hence "humpday"), since the middle of the week needs a little spicing up, and i'm going to try to do this on a weekly basis. my goal is to broaden my reading list, and yours, to include some heroes on the infertility front whose positive attitudes and gift of gab can brighten our own outlooks on this journey.

i'm really excited about this idea, but i need your help. i want this to be a completely unbiased award, so i'm going to need nominations.

feel free to nominate as many bloggers as you want that fit the following criteria:
  • part of the infertility/TTC community (doesn't mean they can't have kids)
  • have a current blog
  • shows courage, determination, positivity, candidness, and sincerity
  • inspires you
  • doesn't hurt if they have a good sense of humor, too ;)
to nominate a blogger, just send me an email: storkdropzone at gmail dot com with the name of the blogger, their URL and the reason you are nominating them.

also, leave a comment letting me know if this is something you'd be interested in reading/participating in!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Joys of the 2WW

isn't the two week wait so fun! i am just loving being in a state of limbo right now. (please note the sarcasm.) in fact, here are some of my favorite things about the 2WW:

  • over-analyzing every single feeling or twinge and dissecting it to interpret any signs of implantation
  • feeling bloated. who doesn't love a nice muffin top?!?
  • sore breasts. layered bras are so attractive.
  • the ever-popular tween break-outs. too bad this "tween" is between the hoping this cycle will work and the confirmation one way or the other
  • having a tender pelvis. that means no hanky panky any time soon.
  • not being able to take anything other than tylenol (aka anything that actually works) just in case there's a baby in there
  • feeling exhausted constantly. what's wrong with walking around like a zombie?
  • not being able to think/talk about anything other than pregnancy and babies. all intellectual conversations have gone out the window.
  • progesterone suppositories. i remember now why i switched to tampons. hello diapers!

did i miss anything?

also, i made it past the 60 followers mark over the weekend, so a huge thanks to all my readers! i feel so loved. ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

And Now We Wait...

sorry that this post is a day late, but yesterday was a day that i just wanted to spend with B...and i still can't wrap my head around the fact that after all these years we are finally undergoing fertility treatments. i never thought we'd get to this point.

thank you to everyone for your kind, supportive words. it warms my heart to have so many people in our corner!

the night before the IUI i couldn't sleep. i was so excited and so nervous that my eyes just wouldn't stay closed. i think i finally passed out from sheer exhaustion around 1 am.

yesterday started out with B and me sleeping in. he had called in sick, because his drop off appointment was at 10:15 and he wanted to spend the day with me. it was really nice to not have to rush off. i woke up too excited to eat, so i took a nice hot shower (and even shaved my legs. ha ha!) then went and got a spray tan. i felt like i was getting ready for a date. heck, i might as well have been, since i was on my way to get knocked up! ;)

B dropped off his sample at 10:15 and my appointment was for 11:45. i was a little anxious, so i got there 15 minutes early. i was the only one in the waiting room, so, of course, i snagged the people magazine. ;) they got me in right on time and the entire procedure, from explanation to insemination, took less than 15 minutes. dr T was amazing! she always makes me feel so comfortable and answers all of my questions, no matter how stupid they may seem, without making me feel dumb for even asking. she verified all of our info before doing the procedure and informed me that B got an A+ for his count. She said that she likes to see at least 5 million moving sperm and B had 12 million! he was very proud when i told him. ;) my cervix was really tender, so the catheter caused a bit of spotting for the rest of the day, but overall the IUI didn't feel any worse than a few cramps. i laid on the table for another 5 minutes and then was on my way.

i did have one question for her. i asked her about my training - if i can keep running. she said i can walk, ride a bike, or do some other low impact aerobic exercise, but no running. suck! i can't run until the beta, and i can only take it up again if i get a BFN. my training is really suffering at this point. oh well. it's for a good reason, but one way or another i'm finishing that half marathon, even if i have to walk the whole thing!

we spent the rest of the day together. we went to a matinee to see rango. it was really funny! then we headed home, ordered some chinese food, and watched life as we know it. it seemed very fitting.

i usually don't list my day's activities, but since this could potentially be a very important day to us, i don't want to forget anything. we enter the 2WW. the beta is scheduled for april 8th (my mom's b-day) and now i need to come up with something else to focus on so that i don't drive myself completely insane waiting. i do have a sort of vacation scheduled for next week, which should help. i call it a vacation, because if i call it what it really is, i'll cry. next wednesday is moving day for B. i'll be driving up with him, spending a few days up there getting him all settled in, and flying home next sunday. i'll be spending most of my time there at the beach, since it's within walking distance and there isn't really anything else to do up there. i'm excited about the overall distraction, though!

in other news, i started the prometrium this morning. (for those of you who don't know, this is prescription progesterone.) let me just say that vaginal suppositories are just wrong.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Parenting Game: Round 3

today is a do-nothing day, which makes it a perfect day to play the parenting game.

for those of you who are either here for ICLW or are new followers to my blog, let me explain... as an infertile, it's really easy to look at the people around us who are parents, but obviously shouldn't be, like the crackhead mommy or the teenage i-want-to-have-a-baby-so-i-can-play-house floosy who gets knocked up at prom, and get really, really pissed off. i like to keep things pretty light here (minus my hormotional rants), so i've gathered a collection of pics of bad parents. the point of the game is to make a comment about what would make you a better parent than the idiot in the pic, but without stating the obvious. sarcasm is the language of choice here, so don't hold back!

 i'd be a better parent than this one, because if i was going to feed my kid to wild animals, i'd pick something much more a hippopotamus!

now it's your turn!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shooting Up

this week has felt like an odd version of the movie groundhog day. every morning i've been getting up an hour and a half early to race to the clinic for blood work and an ultrasound then racing off to work in the opposite direction. every morning the same thing, over and over.

today my measurements were 18.5, 17.8 and 16. not bad, but would it be good enough?

my nurse happened to be in early this morning, so i went ahead and sat down with her to talk about what to expect. (have i mentioned how much i love having a nurse assigned to me? it's so awesome talking to one person that knows exactly what's going on with us!) anyway, she handed me the cup for B and told me that there was a 50/50 chance that i'd trigger tonight. dr. T would have to review all the numbers and she'd call me later.

boy, was i relieved when she called and told me i could trigger tonight. that means i don't have to drive all the way to the clinic in the morning and i don't have to be violated by the va-jay-jay camera again and, more importantly, it means that i get to sleep in an hour and a half. she told me to trigger this evening and got me all scheduled for the IUI friday morning. yay!

i texted B to let him know that we got the green light and i asked him if he was still okay with being the one to give me the shot. "oh, yeah! i can't wait!" he seemed way too excited about it. ;)

about a half hour ago, we pulled the ovidrel out of the fridge, prepared the sharps box, and set up for the shot. B knelt in front of me while i held onto the counter to brace myself. (have i mentioned that i'm afraid of needles? not the i-faint-at-the-sight-of-a-needle kind of afraid, but more of the if-i-don't-watch-it-won't-hurt-so-bad kind of afraid.) i kept my eyes closed tight while i gripped the counter and waited for the pain to begin. it seemed like forever. i was beginning to wonder if he was chickening out. "are you going to inject me or not?" his response: "what are you talking about? i just did!" oh. yeah, i totally knew that.

all you ICLWers sure got here at a good time! thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments and all of the new followers!!! this is my favorite blogging week ever.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ninth Law of Infertility

the ninth law of infertility states that for every time the infertile is told to "just relax" a month will be added to their infertility sentence.

since we've been TTC for 8.5 years, i guess that means that i've been told to relax about 102 times. please don't make that suggestion to me again!

by the way, i am loving this ICLW!!! this is my first one and i'm so excited about the number of visitors and all the fabulous comments i'm getting. thank you ICLWers!

and just a quick update about my appointment this morning - three good follies chugging along. the fourth hasn't really grown much, but the others are measuring at 17, 16, and 15. since we're just doing an IUI, having three is really good. however, they aren't big enough. looks like i have to go back in again tomorrow. that means 4 days in a row of having my arms pricked and my hoo-ha scanned. lucky me!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Battle Over...People?

infertile women are determined by nature. we see what we want and we go after it. it doesn't matter if we can't have it right away; we just keep on trying...and trying...and trying.

i am an avid people-watcher. i love to observe and try to pick out certain traits, their overall personality, and sometimes i'll even make up a back-story for them. everyone says that the airport is the best place for this, but i disagree. i think it's the fertility clinic. the array of people that pass through those doors is fascinating!

this morning i was sitting, waiting patiently for my name to be called (i didn't have an actual appointment, so i knew it would take a while) when i noticed the women from all around the room eying the table a few feet to my right. it had a spread of magazines, mostly about women's health, that had been picked through. then i noticed that their eyes kept flicking from the table to the woman who sat next to it, a few chairs down from me. down at the table then up at the woman, over and over again. she, on the other hand, was completely oblivious and completely absorbed in reading her magazine.

suddenly, it clicked! it was her magazine! she was reading people, while the table was littered with magazines whose covers advertised articles about how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks and the benefits of being gluten free. who wants to read about improving yourself when you can read about A-listers in rehab, D-listers getting knocked up, and reality stars getting dumped?!?

her name was then called and as soon as she set the magazine down, someone else snatched it... then another lady claimed it...and another. like hunters! i felt like i was watching the discovery channel, with the cheetah stalking its prey. as soon as the magazine was unattended someone pounced, almost as fast as that cheetah! it must have changed hands 6 times before my name got called. at least i was thoroughly entertained during my wait.

i also just got the call from my nurse that my little follies are still little, but i also have 2 more. their measurements are 13, 14, 14 & 15 and my E2 is at 442. the doctor expects me to be able to trigger tomorrow or wednesday. that means i'll have to do this all over again in the morning. maybe i'll try to get there early so i can snag the magazine. ;)

by the way, welcome ICLW visitors!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing

i'm thinking of renaming my blog to "the thumb twiddler", because that's about all i've been doing lately - sitting, waiting, and twiddling my thumbs.

b and i went this morning for my blood work and ultrasound. it was my first time to have a sunday appointment and i was surprised by how many people were there. but, then again, i'm always surprised by how many people are going through the same thing as us. when you're dealing with infertility, it's hard to remember that there are millions of other couples sharing the boat. even when you read other people's blogs about their journeys, it still doesn't really hit home that they are suffering, too. until you see, in person, the masses of couples going in and out of the clinic, you think you're in a world all your own. it's good to be reminded that that's not the case.

anyway, the ultrasound went alright. not great, just alright. the technician was great (as always). she showed me the screen and explained as she went, which is always appreciated, because i often feel like an idiot when it comes to this stuff. i have two follicles on my left measuring at 12.5mm and 11.8mm. good, but not great. she said that for someone with PCOS, those measurements are good on CD12, but she wasn't sure whether they'd let me trigger or not.

then i got the call with the results from the blood work. my estrogen level is at 250, which the nurse said was really good. the LH level was high, but she said they weren't concerned, because my baseline was high on CD3. it was 8 and has since doubled. this is pretty consistent with PCOS. trigger for me. not tonight, at least. instead, i'll be going back in tomorrow morning before work to do it all over again. they're more concerned with the follicle size than anything else, so grow, babies, grow! hopefully, i'll have good news to report tomorrow. cross your fingers for me!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And The Winner Is...

miss mac!!!

congrats! send me an email at storkdropzone at gmail dot com, so that i can send you your $15 code and you can start shopping right away.

thanks to everyone for entering my first give-away! i have something pretty awesome lined up for another give-away in the very near future, so stick around.

Last Call

i'll be doing the drawing at 9pm (eastern time) tonight, so enter now or forever hold your peace. ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

IF Graduates

we infertiles seem to be surrounded by baby bumps. seriously, they're everywhere and our hawk-eyes spot them from a mile away, as if the soon-to-be-moms were wearing flashing neon signs that read "baby on board".

you can't help but stare...and glare. she has what you want. she's even got that glow that comes with the knowledge that life is growing inside her. she doesn't mean to flaunt it. she has no idea that your stare is out of envy...or does she? maybe she was once in your shoes. maybe she suffered multiple miscarriages or years of barrenness. maybe she had to fight for four whole years before she finally got a BFP that stuck. maybe she was once a member of our little club, but she finally got her turn to graduate.

so, in an effort to reduce the number of mommies being stalked through the grocery store, i propose that the IF graduates wear some sort of badge or graduation cap as a signal to the rest of us that they were once in the club. then, maybe we won't hate them at first sight. just sayin'...

on another note, B came home on wednesday and the hormones started playing nicer, so all is right in the world again. my u/s and blood work is set for sunday morning, so we'll find out then how our little follies are looking and whether or not we can trigger that evening. cross your fingers for us!

also, don't forget to enter the give-away!!! one more day till the drawing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Hot Mess

aside from the obvious implication of my title (horrible hot flashes), the clomid has hijacked my personality. i don't remember ever having such irrational and unexplainable mood swings when i took it before. one minute i'm grumpy, not wanting anyone to talk to me or even look at me, and the next i'm literally in tears.

it really doesn't help that B is in rhode island looking for a place to live for the next year. he'll be back tomorrow, but this makes it all seem so official. this is really going to happen. we are really going to be living apart for a year, having a long-distance marriage. how crappy is that?!?

these past two days have really testified to the fact that i don't know how to live without him. i go through my normal routine - get up, go to work, come home, run on the treadmill, go to bed - but i feel so empty, completely hollow. most of the time i'm not irritable or sad, though, just blah. it feels like my personality has been sucked right out of me. i know he's only a phone call away and that we'll be seeing each other on the weekends, but not having him come home to me in the evenings is the most depressing thought ever. i'm grateful that he has a good job that pays well, but i pretty much loathe his job right now.

i'm not worried about how this will affect our fertility treatments, since we can just freeze his swimmers for future cycles. i worry, instead, that we will become comfortable in our separate lives and that this physical distance between us will put distance between us in our relationship. we've been married for almost 9 year and our marriage is solid at this point, both of us unwavering in our love, trust, loyalty, and affection for one another. what if that changed, though? what if this taste of "freedom" is something that he enjoys, and eventually prefers? he laughs off my concerns, because, at the moment, they are inconceivable, but are they?

at this point in the internal struggle, i am so emotionally drained, completely exhausted, and hormotionally imbalanced that all of my thoughts and feelings are skewed. i just have to step back, take a deep breath and tell myself that everything is going to be okay...and i should probably get some sleep, too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hormone Hate-Mail

dear clomid,

i hate you and you know why. we've done this all before and you haven't changed your act. the hot flashes, the mood swings, the massive headaches, the bloated gets old fast. you're a necessary evil, but i hope this is the last time we ever have to work together.

best ill wishes,

*don't forget to enter the give-away!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My First Give-Away!!!

you read right! to celebrate our first IUI, i'm doing my first give-away! (hopefully, this will be the first of many give-aways.)


i know we could all use some good retail therapy right about now. who doesn't love shopping?!? and the awesome people over at contributed to our cause by giving us an online shopping code worth $15. what better way to shop than in your pj's?!?

here's how to enter:

  • step 1: become a follower on my sidebar, if you aren't already one (super easy!)
  • step 2: leave a comment on this post letting me know that you'd like to be entered into the drawing
only two steps? yup. i like to keep things simple. ;)

the give-away starts now and the drawing will be held saturday, march 19th!

feel free to head on over to like CSN Stores on facebook, too!

***unfortunately this give-away is only valid for US & canada residents. i'll try to find a more inclusive give-away for next time, so everyone can have a chance.

and just to catch everyone up, i started taking my 100mg of clomid tonight! yay!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Someone Stole My Fertility!

it seems to me that there's only so much fertility to sprinkle throughout the world and some people got more than their fair share. look at the people around you and you'll see proof of it. in my case, it was my mom and two of my sisters.

infertility sure doesn't run in my family. every single one of my siblings has at least one child (except for my 14 year old sister) and my parents were cursed blessed to have 11 kids! (i'm unlucky #7) my sister that is just older than me, by about a year and a half, now has 6 kids. i love her kids to pieces and she's an amazing mother (same with my oldest sister, who has 6 kids), but i think there was a little bit of an uneven distribution of fertility in my family.

even B's family got a little bit of favoritism when the fertility was being doled out. he's the baby of 7 kids, with 2 sets of twins back to back in the mix there (no fertility treatments needed).

between the two of us, we have 54 nieces and nephews and there's still time for more to pop out before menopause sets in on both sides.

what's a girl gotta do to jump on that bandwagon?!?

i've done everything to try to try to increase my fertility, including, but not limited to, rubbing what i thought was a fertility statue, wishing on eyelashes, wishing on stars, wishing on pretty much anything that seemed like it could be lucky, picking up pennies (only if they're face up), taking dong quai, taking robitussin, taking charge of my fertility... i'm out of ideas! or,, how does one go about stealing back their fertility?

oh, well. maybe the duggars won't notice if only one goes missing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She's Here!

she certainly took her time, but she finally made her appearance today. she's kind of light, but that's the way she's been for the past year and a half. i really shouldn't complain, especially since i haven't had any cramps and she rarely stays more than a few days.

so, what happens next? i have an appointment for friday morning before work for blood work and an ultrasound, as well as to get my scrip for the clomid.

i can't believe we're to this point. i can't believe that we're about to actually start this. i'm so excited and nervous and freaking scared out of my mind! 

i'm not sure why i'm scared, though. i can't quite put my finger on it. at first i thought i was afraid of it not working. yeah, that sends a little shiver up my spine, but that's not it. then i thought i was afraid of what the hormones will do to me. that will definitely be uncomfortable, but still not it. i finally figured it out. i'm afraid of the unknown. sounds so cliche, but there you have it. i have no idea what to expect during this cycle. i have no idea what the procedure is going to be like. i have no idea how i'll handle a BFN and i certainly don't know what i'll do if i get a BFP!

i have no idea how to be a parent. the whole point of this is not the pregnancy, though i do look forward to the experience; the point is to have a child. what am i doing? what am i getting myself into? my life could be permanently altered after this cycle. i love my life. i love my husband and the time we have together. i love my job and my routine.
this is my comfort zone. usually it's B trying to drag me out of the bubble i live in, but this time it's me. i'm doing it to myself and that's such a strange feeling. this is something i've always wanted and i still want it, but it seems more like a reality now than ever before and i'm not sure how to handle it.

right now, i just need B to give me a big hug, tease me out of my hormotional funk, and tell me how excited he is to do this. it makes such a difference to know that he's as on board as i am! in the meantime, i'm going to enjoy being in my comfort zone for as long as i can.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do It For You

most of you probably didn't even know that today is international women's day. even i missed the memo! i went to google something and saw the logo change, looked it up, and jumped on the bandwagon.

it got me thinking, though. we all get so caught up in this journey toward parenthood that it can be easy to lose yourself in it. i've been guilty of it a few times in the past eight and a half years since we started TTC. when it happens, i feel down and out, frustrated, bitter, and pathetic...then i throw myself a big pity party and tell B that i'm done TTC forever.

me after my 8 mile run last friday (pardon the freckles)

of course we always went back to TTC, but i never started back in preparation for the next fallout. this time is different. aside from finally being able to pursue fertility treatments, i've started back on this road with the attitude not of "i have to have a baby to validate my life", but of "i love my life and having a child would be the icing on the cake". how am i doing this, you ask? i'm putting me first. well, technically, i'm putting us (B and me) first. i've been spending lots of quality time with B and i've set goals for myself. the first one i have to complete is my very first half marathon. the race is april 30th and i'm well on my way to being ready. running and i have a love/hate relationship. i hate running, but i love the way i feel afterward.

so, the point of this whole thing is:
  • do something that makes you feel good about yourself  
  • keep your priorities straight
  • spend some time with your DH
  • make sure you're in the whole TTC thing for the right reasons
  • count your blessings, rather than focusing on what you don't have (aka - babies)
  • enjoy being a woman

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Infertile Home

almost everyone we know has at least one kid. this presents a problem. we love to entertain, but always feel bad having these friends over, as we usually have to make it a "couples get-together" (aka - get yourself a dang babysitter!). this is because our house is not kid-friendly.

problem #1: there are all sorts of things on low shelves that they can pull out, tear, break, and utterly destroy.

problem #2: our drawers and cabinets do not have safety latches. why would they, really, when we have no need for such an inconvenience? and in my experience, kids gravitate to the ones with knives and cleaning products.

problem #3: we have a steep staircase with no gate up and, yes, two of our friends have had their children fall down these stairs while playing on them.

problem #4: there is a big stinky litterbox that screams to be played in by little people. they can't resist the smell of poo, apparently.

problem #5: we have no toys and no yard for kids to run around in to get them away from problems 1 through 4.

so, you see our dilemma. it's hard to remedy any of these problems, because a) it's just creepy for people without kids and no baby on the way to start baby-proofing their home and b) we live in a tiny little townhouse apartment with not even enough room in it for the two of us, let alone tons of entertainment for the kiddos.

we're crossing our fingers and praying that things work out with the rental home we're hoping to get into soon. if that happens, the first thing we're going to do is buy some sort of cage source of entertainment for our friends little ones to distract them from problems 1 through 4.  i've been looking at some outdoor playsets and i think that is the perfect solution. we'll herd them into the backyard and let 'em fight it out for the swings and slide while we and the parents sip lemonade and enjoy some conversation that doesn't involve dirty diapers or fertility treatments.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pins & Needles

B and i share a facebook account. it's true. we're one of those couples. we've just seen way too many marriages, relationships, and even friendships ruined on there, so we opted for safety in numbers, so we can help censor each other and prevent the drama.
totally beside the point, so...anyway... yesterday i updated our status. it simply said "B + carlia = excess of awesome". i'm not one of those publically mushy people who would post something like "i love B so much", "can't live without B!" or, my personal fave "after all these years, our love continues to grow". sappy, cheese, blah blah blah...makes me want to vomit. plain and simple, usually funny, at least attempting to be witty - that's the way i facebook. who knew such an innocent statement that had nothing to do with anything at all would snowball the way it did! i had updated it on my smart phone from work on a whim and about a half hour later B texted me to ask what was going on. apparently, that little comment had stirred the baby-watch pot. friends commented, trying to prod me to explain what i meant, and i even got a few texts. it's funny how, when people know you're TTC (which everyone who knows us in real life knows this about us), they are constantly on the lookout, waiting for that baby bump to spring up or for you to "accidentally" let it slip that you might be expecting a little surprise. so, what did i do, you ask? nothing. i just let that pot simmer, never responding or explaining. we'll see how long it takes to fizzle out or boil over. mean? maybe. funny? heck yes!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vicarious Mommy Moments

because every now and then i need a laugh... and because i often live vicariously through my siblings experiences in mothering...

i have lots of nieces and nephews, but let's talk about one of them. we'll call him E. the son of one of my younger sisters, E is a really special boy, pretty much a miracle child. everyone loves him and he's so adorable he can get away with practically anything. i have tons of stories about this energetic 3 year old, but here's my favorite:

E's dad loves getting together with his friends to play basketball. they usually meet up at the church's indoor court, which is more of a "cultural hall" than a gym, because of the large curtained stage that takes up the east wall. anyway, last week, E's dad took him and his cousin K (my older brother's son) to the church with him. a lot of E's dad's friends bring their kids and let them all run around on the stage while the fathers play b-ball. E was ecstatic to be included and even more excited that K would be coming, too!

my mom and E
E's dad was so into the game that he barely heard K calling for him. "E's dad? E's dad? E's dad! E'S DAD!!!" he shouted from the stage. he always forgets to call him uncle J. E's dad called a time out and ran over to see if K was alright.

"ummm...E is pooping behind the curtain."

"what?!?" E's dad exclaimed as he vaulted onto the stage and ran around, pulling back curtains until he found his little troublemaker.

there he was, squatting, trousers dropped to his ankles, and where he hovered - what appeared to be a steaming adult sized pile of fresh poo resting on the hardwood floor of the stage. all the dads crowded the stage, laughing hysterically at little E, his pile of poo, and the biggest grin spread across his proud face. poor E's dad could only laugh as he cleaned him and his pile up.

thought you might get a kick out of that story. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gender Selection

B and i talk a lot about whether we would want a boy or a girl. of course, we can't really choose and will be thrilled with either, but i have to admit that i've always wanted a little girl. i would love to dress her up in bows and buy her sparkly shoes, paint her nails, send her to dance class and teach her to bargain know, the typical baby-girl-as-a-fashion-accessory deal. ;) but i'm pretty certain that our first child will be a boy. instead of allowing myself to ever be disappointed by such a situation, i want to focus on the positives...such as...
dressing him in bowties

listening to music

playing games

having him help with chores

giving him his first haircut

taking him skiing

having him work out with me

teaching him to shave

keeping an eye on his love life

encouraging him to express his himself

yeah, i think having a boy wouldn't be so bad. ;)
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