Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i'm sorry if it seemed like i went into hiding over the weekend. since i don't have that much time with B, i've been trying to really devote what little i do have entirely to him. this last week was obviously really difficult and it was a strong reminder of just how far away he is. 6 weeks down, 46 more to go. is it just me or is the calendar slowing down?

even though i come home to an empty house (with the exception of two over-eating fur-balls), i have never felt more loved and supported. words can't express how much everyone's supportive comments have meant to me. i never could have imagined that i would find such incredible support and encouragement from random people, who are not obligated to care about me, let alone stand by me through such a difficult journey. i am so unbelievably grateful to each and every one of you who reads and comments on my blog. from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

on top of all of the support online, i have been so blessed to know such wonderful women in my everyday life, who go so far out of their way to let me know they care and are there for me. i have gotten so many calls and texts...and even a few gifts. :) i feel so spoiled and loved! i've never felt so sure that i have been brought to a certain place with certain people in my path for a reason. again...thank you!

so, i go in again for blood work in the morning. they just want to check to make sure the hcg level is less than 5 now. i haven't asked them how long we have to wait before we can do our final IUI, but i should have a chance to talk to the nurse when she calls me with the results.

i'm feeling really anxious to get going again. it feels like i have all this wasted time ahead of me. if we aren't doing a treatment, odds are that we won't get knocked up "accidentally" during this extra fertile time. it's kind of hard to time it when you have no idea when you're going to ovulate and no husband around to take care of business. it would take an actual miracle, not exactly immaculate conception, but not far from it, either!

i did my second session of acupuncture this evening. mrs. J thinks that i just need to get my body warmed up, so that it will produce more blood on its own. she feels strongly that acupuncture could make my cycles shorter and my periods more normal. i'm still feeling open-minded about everything, so i'm just going with it. unfortunately, my insurance won't cover acupuncture, but with all they do cover, i won't complain about this. i guess i'll just do my other two sessions and then see if i want to continue and, if so, how we'll swing the expense of it all. i did notice, however, that my body temperature has been higher than normal. i usually have to bundle up in a blanket when i watch TV, but that really hasn't been necessary over the past week. B, the ultimate skeptic, even noticed it!

anyway, although my house is empty, my heart is full. words don't exist to describe how grateful i am to each and every one of you. i feel surrounded by kindred spirits.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling Adventurous

i decided to turn myself into a human pincushion this week. sounds fun, no? i've actually wanted to try acupuncture for quite a while, but didn't want to spend the money on it. yeah, i'm cheap like that. when i got the chance to do 4 sessions for free, i was so excited! i guess i should explain how this came about.

there is a women's organization at my church that does a lot of service and things like that on a pretty regular basis. the service is usually for other people, like making hygiene kits for a battered women's shelter or making blankets to send to disaster victims, but a couple of months ago they put together a silent auction where we could auction off acts of service for each other. i auctioned off a child's photo shoot, which went to one of my really good friends, and i bid on (and obviously won) 4 sessions of acupuncture from another lady. no money was exchanged. instead, we used a point system based on a questionnaire that awarded points for activities like reading scriptures, etc.

i was really excited to have won (i had saved up all of my points for this one thing), but i guess i was a little nervous subconsciously, because it took me a while to actually redeem it. so, tuesday evening was my first appointment. i really had no idea what to expect. i'd heard that it wasn't painful, but i was a little wary.

when i met with her (we'll call her mrs J), she sat me down and asked me all sorts of questions about my menstruation, eating habits, whether i tend to be hot or cold... of course, i told her about the impending miscarriage, too. she said that she wished i had contacted her sooner, because she may have been able to help. knowing it couldn't have hurt, i'm kicking myself now.

anyway, after she gathered all of my information, she gave me my diagnosis. i don't have enough blood. apparently, my body only produces the minimum amount to survive and not enough to be truly healthy. signs of this are that i am pale (aka pasty) complected, i didn't have my first period until i was about 15, the periods themselves are very short and light, i am often tired, i am almost always cold, and i tend to get light-headed when i stand up too fast. she said it could also be the cause of my miscarriages.

so, she stuck me...several times. i only felt one, though. she put a needle in my tummy and when she did i felt it all the way to my toes on my right side. she said that means it's accessing my chi and that it's working. it sure got my attention, at least! than she burned some moxa a couple of times on my midsection. thankfully, she warned me about going out in public after the session, because the moxa would stick to me and tends to smell like weed. thanks for the head's up! i don't want to be struttin' my stuff in the grocery store smelling like ganja and run into someone i know. how embarrassing!

the session itself too just over an hour and i've got my next one set up for next tuesday. B is pretty skeptical about the whole thing. he thinks acupuncture's success comes from the placebo effect. he says that the mind is a powerful thing and when you convince yourself that something is working, it often will. i, on the other hand, am trying to keep an open mind.

have any of you tried acupuncture? has it worked for you? i'm dying to hear some real life success stories!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Mas

it's officially official. my hcg level is down to 24 and i started miscarrying this morning (oh, the pain!!!) at work and, unfortunately, i was so swamped that i wasn't able to go home early to put on the heating pad and lay down. i wound up working the full day (i even left late), but accomplished a ton and looked fabulous doing it (when i wasn't tearing up/scrunching up my face from the pain). my boss paid me a huge compliment and told me that she thinks i am handling all of this "magnificently". she then encouraged me to take tomorrow off. we'll see whether i do or not.

anyway, that's then end of my blogging about the miscarriage. it sucks majorly,  but i just want to get back to some sort of normalcy. so, i am currently embarking on a quest. i have made a list of things i can do now that i couldn't do if i were pregnant and i'm going to try to cross off as much as i can before we start our next IUI. don't laugh; i'm serious about this. i'm not going to do anything wreckless, but i am going to go caaa-razy with it! ;)

i'm sure you're wondering what's on the list, so here it is:
this is the color i want. gorgeous, right?
  1. take a dose of aleve. i am so daring! none of that weak tylenol for me. i'm going for the good stuff.
  2. drink a 2-liter of coke zero all by myself. i gave up caffeine months ago, but i'm going to drink it just for the sake of drinking it. ain't i a rascal?
  3. revamp my hair. i'm not wasting my time just polishing my look; i'm going for a major over-haul. fire-engine red, here i come! okay, maybe not that bright, but sort of in that direction.
  4. spray paint a picture frame. no, i won't be huffing anything, but i'm not going to be that careful, either. ;)
  5. clean the litter box without rubber gloves or a medical mask. *gasp* very risky, indeed.
  6. go for a run. oh, how i miss running! i know it's not that entertaining of a task for my checklist, but it definitely belongs there.
  7. do jumping-jacks. not for the exercise; just to spite my doctor's instructions.
  8. eat sushi. errr...i would do this one if i liked sushi. i think i'll skip this one
  9. go sky-diving. hhmmm...but i'm not suicidal, so this one's going to get skipped, too.
  10. eat a whole box of cupcakes. (thanks to my awesome friend, sarah, for dropping them off for me!) actually, i'm already half-way done with this one.
did i miss anything? i'm open to suggestions!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carlia's Sure-Fire Cure for the Blues

you're probably expecting a sad, tear-filled post about "why is this happening to me?" or "woe is me!" or "what's wrong with me?"...but that's not what you're going to get. i cried yesterday. i got a little choked up this morning. i even thought about it all day long, but guess what. i'm okay. i've accepted the news and i'm moving on. i'm looking forward to trying again, horrormones (like that? i thought it was rather appropriate.) and all. how did i do it? well, i'll tell you...

5 simple steps, that's all it takes to send the blues away.

step 1: wash it away. a simple treatment for the blahs and the blues is a shower. you'll be surprised how much better you feel when you're squeaky clean. not that you were that dirty to begin with, but...you know what i mean.

step 2: dress to the nines. put on your favorite outfit. you know, the one that makes you look taller and thinner, the one you can't help but strut in. and don't forget the bling!

step 3: tame the mane. don't try to get off easy by throwing your hair into a ponytail. no ma'am, that's not good enough. you've got to really do it up right. curl it, straighten it, tease it up in a bouffant...it doesn't matter as long as you're happy with the way it looks.

step 4: paint your barn. that's what my mom calls putting on your make-up. (gotta love that southern charm!) don't just dab on some under-eye concealer and call it good. a touch of bronzer, a swipe of eyeshadow, a coat or two of mascara, and a nice shade of lipstick can go a long way.

step 5: flaunt it! go out in public, whether it be to the supermarket or work or wherever, and strut your stuff. you are one hot mama and you know it, so let everyone else know it, too. just try not to be smug or say "yeah, i know" when someone else tells you how good you look. ;)

it may seem vain or like a facade or even a bit ridiculous, but i guarantee it works. there's something to be said for caring about your appearance. when the outside looks good, it spreads to the inside. so, give it a try. before you know it, your outside will be reflecting your inside!

Monday, May 23, 2011

NOT The End

it's been a rough day. although the spotting stopped yesterday morning, the ultrasound didn't go well. there was something in my uterus, but dr. T wasn't comfortable calling it the gestational sac. she sat me down and told me that the numbers are so far from normal that there is just no way this pregnancy could be viable. she was still concerned about the possibility of it being ectopic and said that wednesday has to be the cut off day if the hcg level didn't start to drop.

i've been preparing myself for this, never letting myself get too attached to this pregnancy, trying to let go of my need to control the situation. all that preparation seemed to really help, though not at first. my heart was crushed when she told me all of this, but the part that scared me the most was when she started talking about the medication she wanted to administer on wednesday. i'm sure many of you have heard of methotrexate, but i hadn't. she explained to me that it is often used in large doses to treat cancer, but would be given to me in a much smaller dose and would essentially melt away the fast-growing tissue (aka: the baby). while effective and fast-acting, it comes with a price. this is the part where i started to freak out. apparently, this crap stays in your body for three whole months! during this time it could affect a new pregnancy. that means having to wait three months to even be able to start another treatment. i'm going to be 30 in july and my biological clock has been ticking since i was 16, so three months might as well be three years.

needless to say, i cried...a lot (not in front of her, though. i waited till i got to the car.) and prayed even more. i was able to compose myself before i got to work, but it was difficult. i knew this was coming, but it doesn't lessen the pain of knowing that i'm going to have to suffer through yet another miscarriage.

i'm just thankful for little blessings and tender mercies, though, because the call i got this afternoon saved us from that scenario. my hcg level dropped considerably. it's now down to 66.6. it was a relief to know that my body is going to take care of this on its own, but it still felt like a hot knife had been shoved into my heart.

i have to be tough, though, because our journey isn't over and if i fall apart, B is going to feel guilty for being so far away. i don't want him to feel bad for the situation we're in. he's doing the best he can to provide for us and i'm so grateful for all that he does. it's not his fault he has to work 8 hours away, just like it's not my fault that i'm miscarrying again.

so, in an effort to distract myself, i went to run some errands after work. (yes, i finished out my day at work. aren't you so proud of me? i'm one tough cookie!) i stopped to fill up my tank, which, of course, happened to be the exact moment that the heavens opened up and torrential rain poured down. it was comically appropriate and i couldn't help but laugh. then i headed to walmart to binge on craft supplies. y'all will be glad i did, though, because it was for my next give-away. ;) i also splurged and bought some comfort food, because...well, i just deserve it, gosh darn it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Living on the Rollercoaster

if this is how the entire pregnancy is going to be (should it even continue on), it's going to be extremely exhausting.

my ultrasound yesterday morning still didn't show anything, which is what i expected. after i got home, exhaustion took over and what was supposed to be a half hour nap turned into 3 hours. when i woke up, my stomach started cramping pretty bad. well, i thought it was in my stomach, until i sat up and realized it was much lower in my pelvis. i freaked out and ran to the bathroom to find very faint pink spotting.

i cried...a lot. okay, maybe it was more of uncontrollable sobbing, but i've only got so many tears in me...plus, i've been expecting this pregnancy to end at any moment. so, what did i do? i told myself (yes, i do talk to myself out loud) i had two choices. #1: i could wallow in self-pity and be miserable the entire weekend, wasting what little time i have with my husband. #2: i could accept the fact that there is nothing i can do to prevent a miscarriage, get dressed up and put on make-up, and go pick up my husband from the airport and make the most of our weekend. i chose #2.

as i was finishing up my make-up casey, my nurse, called with the hcg results. not quite double, but definitely still rising, up to 329. i told her about the spotting and cramping and she said that it's possible that it's the beginning of a miscarriage, but more than likely it was from the ultrasound. (the tech had been pretty rough. i think she was nervous having the RE looking over her shoulder.) she told me to just take it easy and come back in monday morning to do it all over again. that conversation made me feel much better, but i still kept my guard up.

a few hours and a few tylenol later, the cramping had completely subsided, but the spotting started back up, bright red this time. as of this morning, i'm still spotting off and on with slight cramping, mostly on my right, that creeps up every now and then.

i'm holding up really well, though. i have a busy weekend ahead of me, with a photo shoot this evening, followed by a fun double date to go see pirates of the caribbean and i'm not going to let this get me down. i have no idea what's going on right now and there's nothing i can do about it, so i'm going to stay positive, trust that whatever happens is for our good, and go have fun.

so, happy ICLW to everyone and a huge thank you to everyone for your amazingly sweet and encouraging comments. i feel so loved!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Determinedly Indeterminable

i think the title says it all. ha ha!

bad news first: it was too early to be able to see the gestational sac. there was something in the uterus, but the doctor said he didn't think (not 100% sure though) it was the baby and that it was most likely a bit of blood, but nothing to worry about.

good news: my hcg level is up to 210!!! a little more than double! YAY! my hope is renewed and i get to be pregnant for at least a couple more days.

i go back in friday morning for more blood work and another ultrasound. it will be the same doctor, dr. O (not my normal dr. T), that did the ultrasound today. i really like him and am happy to work with him again. i appreciated his kindness today and the fact that he was a straight-shooter, and especially that he combined the two.

he told me there are three possible outcomes. #1: this is an ectopic pregnancy. #2: this is an abnormal pregnancy that will result in miscarriage. #3: that this is a normal, healthy pregnancy. i so appreciated that he didn't rule #3 out! anyway, he told me he didn't think it was ectopic, though that is certainly still a possible concern. he said he expects to find our little one nestled in the uterus, but whether it is #2 or #3 is what he expects to have to deal with.

common sense tells me that there's no way this pregnancy could be viable, but...i just have this good feeling. i just know that everything is going to be okay. i don't know if that means that this pregnancy is going to last, i just know that i'm going to be okay... and that feels good.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The...Huh?

i had this whole post planned to announce my pregnancy. it was clever and cute and completely happy and excited. it's too bad i didn't get to use it.

last monday (13dpiui) i decided to POAS before i left for work. at first glance, i dismissed it as negative and was just about to toss it in the trash when i hesitated. was that a second line? it was so faint, i could hardly tell if it was really there or not. i was in a hurry, so i decided i'd just have to worry about it later. of course, it bugged me all day, practically consuming my thoughts.

as soon as i got home, i grabbed one of my digital HPTs. i needed a definite answer, none of that interpreting the results crap. after a couple of minutes i was shocked to see the word "pregnant". i froze for a second, hand trembling, as i waited for the inevitable "not" to show up in front of "pregnant". it never did. i'm sure you can imagine how excited i was. i sobbed as i took a pic of the result window with my phone to text to B. luckily, i had composed myself by the time he finally saw the text and called me.

my beta was scheduled for the next day and i was so confident. (of course, i had taken 3 more HPTs that evening just to be sure i didn't get a false positive.) part of that confidence came from the thought that surely God would not put us through another loss. surely, after all we've been through, He would bless us with a child this time. needless to say, i was flabbergasted (awesome word, huh?) when casey, my nurse, called and told me that the test came back positive, but the HCG level was only 15. 15? seriously? how is that even possible? the most sensitive of HPTs is reported to detect no less than 25 and the digitals shouldn't pick up on less than 50! i was so confused and heartbroken. casey went on to tell me that dr. T thought it was just a chemical pregnancy and had never actually implanted. she told me to come back in on thursday for another beta.

thursday's beta doubled, but was still really low, only 38. still, i was hopeful. i wasn't about to give up, because the HPTs were gradually having darker results and i was still having the pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, really tired, etc). casey assured me that it was just a chemical pregnancy and warned me not to get my hopes up. she said they wanted to monitor me until my level dropped to less than 5, so i needed to come back in on monday.

my weekend was filled with emotional ups and downs and lots of anxiety, but i couldn't help but be hopeful, since i wasn't bleeding or having a lot of cramping, and my level had doubled. everything i had read said not to worry about what the initial beta was, that the important thing was the rate at which it doubled. so, there i was holding onto that slight glimmer of hope despite what the doctor was predicting.

i got up super early this morning, took B to the airport, and headed over to my appt. i stared at the phone all day, willing it to ring with good news. finally, casey called. she told me that the level had gone up, but was still low - 96. they were removing the "chemical" from the pregnancy, but they are very concerned with the fact that the beta was still under 100. their biggest fear is that it could be ectopic. i don't blame them, it scares the crap out of me. my two oldest sisters each had an ectopic pregnancy. my oldest sister lost her tube because of it and the second oldest's started to rupture, but was able to keep her tube. seeing what they went through and knowing that it is a possibility for me now terrifies me. however, i know they are catching it early in my case and that everything is going to be alright.

so, here i am, completely exhausted both physically and emotionally, boobs aching, my super sense of smell bringing every rotten odor to my attention...and full of hope. i know i should just write this pregnancy off and completely detach myself emotionally, but i just can't seem to do it. i can't shake this optimism. i don't know how things will go with this pregnancy, but i am grateful for this experience and am absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt, positive that i am going to be a mother soon. it may be this little bean or it may be a pregnancy in the near future, but, either way, motherhood is on the horizon for me. i can feel it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Know You're Infertile When...

you know you're infertile when every time you need to go to the restroom your first instinct is to grab an OPK or HPT, and when you don't have one handy you think "what a waste of perfectly good urine!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Congratulations to...

ok, so i'm a huge slacker (what else is new?) and didn't post this last night, but the winner (chosen by random.org, though i am just too lazy today to post a pic of the widget) is #11: david & kelli, though i'm guessing this is more for kelli than for david...just sayin'.

anyway, congrats to the winner!!!

a big thank you to everyone who entered. don't worry if you didn't win, because i have tons more give-aways coming up in the very near future!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last Call

i literally just flew in from a fabulous weekend with B. it was so great, just what i needed to recharge my batteries. last night, B surprised me by taking me to the beach (he has a really cute little cottage right by the beach up there) to sit in the sand, cuddle, talk, and watch the waves. it was kind of chilly, so he held me tight while we chatted about nothing in particular. it was definitely the most romantic date i've ever been on. i love how mushy he can be sometimes. ;)

and just a reminder to enter my give-away if you haven't yet. the drawing is tomorrow, monday 5/9 at 9 pm!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Parenting Game: Round 5

it's time for my favorite game!!! this will have to tide you all over until i get home from visiting my hubby. ;)

for those that are new to this game, here's how it goes...i show you a pic of a really "awesome" parent then we all take a turn saying why we'd be a better parent without stating the obvious. sarcasm is always appreciated here and the more outrageous it gets, the better!

i'd be a better parent than this one, because i'd spring for a digital camera.

if you haven't entered my give-away, there's still time! hurry, though, because it ends monday night!

oh, and if you have any nominations for a humpday hero, email them to me at storkdropzone at gmail dot com.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


there really isn't much to report this cycle. i'm 9dpiui, but everything feels the same as last month (minus the fact that the boobs are a little more sore this time around). if i'm being completely honest with myself, i really don't think it worked this time around either. i'm not really a pessimistic person most of the time (maybe it's the hormones), but i feel pretty certain that i'm not pregnant. i'm surprisingly okay with it. i feel totally calm, still hopeful that it will work eventually, and kind of content with the outcome of this cycle.

overall this has been a really long week. it probably doesn't help that i'm living alone these days. i'm adjusting better than i thought i would, getting used to going to bed alone and coming home to just a couple of cats. B and i skype every night, which is great, but it's just not the same as having him here. at least i get to fly up there early in the morning and spend the whole weekend with him...celebrating un-mother's day. ;)

the highlight of my week, though, has been that my silhouette sd showed up. B ordered it for me the weekend before last and it was waiting for me when we got home from the beach sunday night. i am having a blast playing around with it! y'all should be excited about it too, because it means lots more give-aways in the future!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things I Just Won't Do

i've spent a lot of time thinking about the things i'll do when we finally have a child. i'll take her here, i'll buy him that...blah blah blah... what i forget to think about is the the list of things i won't do when that happy day arrives. so, for future reference, i thought i'd put that list together to help prevent me from falling into the sappy and sometimes disgusting traps that other new parents sometimes do.

10: i won't film my child going to the bathroom, whether or not i think the face he/she makes when pooping is adorable.
9: i won't call that poop a "boom boom". that's just weird.
8: i won't breastfeed my child past the point of being able to converse with them. as soon as they can say "mommy, i'm hungry" and point to the boob it becomes creepy.
7: i won't dress myself and my child in matching outfits. (nothing better than seeing a mom and her daughter wearing the same polka dot dress. ick!)
6: i won't succumb to the baby talk. "baby want bah-bah?" like nails on a chalkboard.
5: i won't put the cat in the room with my kid while i run an errand and call it babysitting.
4: i won't try to arrange a marriage with the baby across the street...at least not right away.
3: i won't save the umbilical cord or placenta for a keepsake to hang on the wall or display in any way, shape, or form. ewww, ewww, ewww!
2: i won't use my bare fingers to pick boogers out of my kid's nose in public (or in private). i've seen this happen way too often and it just gets more disgusting every time.
1: i won't have my baby's face tattooed on any part of my body. what, do you think i want to have to look at something like this for the rest of my life:
or this:
or this:
yeah, not for me.

what won't you do as a parent?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tour Begins

we rent a small townhouse in a small town. it's just right for our budget and, now, the fact that i live here by myself. it's just a two bedroom with a tiny kitchen, a tiny dining room, and a rather small living room. it's less than half the size of the house we owned in florida, but not much smaller than the house we still own out west (we rent it out). we're debating whether or not to stay in it for another year or rent a larger house (don't want to buy another one until we finally sell the house out west). it's pretty cozy, though, and pretty inexpensive to live in, so there's a good chance we'll (i'll) stick it out for one more year.

anyway, i think you can tell a lot about a personality by looking at the rooms they've decorated. so, i thought we could start with my tiny dining room.

table/chairs: 2nd hand (i refinished the table, but still need to do the chairs), $30; light: 2nd hand: $20

my fave chair! needs the seat re-upholstered

the curtain i put together to hide our pantry area: $10

i'm obsessed with picture frames/wall hangings. most of these came from big lots for $5

i repainted all of these and even distressed them to add character.

trivia fact: all of the pics in the frames were taken by me. :)

so, now you know how crazy my style is and how i go overboard with the DIY. next time i'll show you my tiny kitchen.

also, don't forget to email me your humpday hero nominations! thestorkdropzone at gmail dot com

and if you haven't already entered my give-away, there's still time!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Time for a Give-Away!

as promised, we're doing another give-away! yay! this give-away begins now and ends monday, may 9th at 9 pm.

here's what i'm giving away:

it's an elastic headband with two handmade chiffon rosettes on it...made by yours truly. i wanted to share a little bit of my own style, so i hope you like it!

how to enter:

step 1: if you aren't already a follower, become one! it's easy and free!
step 2: leave me a comment letting me know that you want to be entered.
step 3: continue to be your completely awesome self. ;)

simple, right? now hurry up and enter!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Favorite Posts: Part 3

this has to be my all-time favorite post, because it mixes in people i love with a story that will make you laugh.

vicarious mommy moments

because every now and then i need a laugh... and because i often live vicariously through my siblings experiences in mothering...

i have lots of nieces and nephews, but let's talk about one of them. we'll call him E. the son of one of my younger sisters, E is a really special boy, pretty much a miracle child. everyone loves him and he's so adorable he can get away with practically anything. i have tons of stories about this energetic 3 year old, but here's my favorite:

E's dad loves getting together with his friends to play basketball. they usually meet up at the church's indoor court, which is more of a "cultural hall" than a gym, because of the large curtained stage that takes up the east wall. anyway, last week, E's dad took him and his cousin K (my older brother's son) to the church with him. a lot of E's dad's friends bring their kids and let them all run around on the stage while the fathers play b-ball. E was ecstatic to be included and even more excited that K would be coming, too!

my mom and E
E's dad was so into the game that he barely heard K calling for him. "E's dad? E's dad? E's dad! E'S DAD!!!" he shouted from the stage. he always forgets to call him uncle J. E's dad called a time out and ran over to see if K was alright.

"ummm...E is pooping behind the curtain."

"what?!?" E's dad exclaimed as he vaulted onto the stage and ran around, pulling back curtains until he found his little troublemaker.

there he was, squatting, trousers dropped to his ankles, and where he hovered - what appeared to be a steaming adult sized pile of fresh poo resting on the hardwood floor of the stage. all the dads crowded the stage, laughing hysterically at little E, his pile of poo, and the biggest grin spread across his proud face. poor E's dad could only laugh as he cleaned him and his pile up.

thought you might get a kick out of that story. :)
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