Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Toast to RockStar

i've been so fortunate to meet so many incredible people on this journey toward parenthood. so many have touched my life, supported me during difficult times, and just given me a good laugh. one such blogger would have to be josey over at my cheap version of therapy

she has been such a wonderful cheerleader for me and so many other bloggers in the IF community. she is consistently upbeat and supportive, witty and charming, and always there to share your joys and triumphs, sorrows and heartaches, and all-around pointless posts. (i have a lot of those.) i have never seen a blogger be so good about responding to comments. she inspires me and motivates me to be a better blogger and a better friend.

when i read her post announcing her pregnancy, i was truly and genuinely ecstatic for her! she is going to be such an amazing, not to mention incredibly cool, mom. no one is more deserving of such an awesome virtual baby shower! i am so excited to be a part of it.

with such cool parents, little rockstar is destined to be awesome in his/her own right. so, to get the little stinker started, i thought this onesie would quite appropriate...

or inappropriate. bahahaha! punny, huh? ;)

congrats josey!!! love ya!!! (forgive me, josey, if the onesie is a little late, but it is on its way.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Parenting Game: Round 8

back by popular demand!

i've had some requests to play again, so i thought it would be a fun humpday post, because sometimes we just need to be able to laugh at the irony of these people being able to procreate while it's so difficult for so many of us who are so ready and able to be parents.

for those of you new to our little game, here's how it work. i show you a pic of a really bad parent in action and you leave a comment telling why you'd be a better parent without stating the obvious. the more sarcastic you are, the better! enjoy!

i'd be a better parent than this one, because i'd teach the kid to light his own dang cigarette!

you're turn!

*also, now that i'm back in the swing of things, i'm accepting nominations for our humpday hero award! email me your nominations (no limit), along with the bloggers' urls and why you want to nominate them to me at storkdropzone at gmail dot com. thanks!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Proud to be Cheap

in all of my daydreaming about having a baby i kind of left out the fact that it's freaking expensive! i've never really added up the cost of all of the things for the nursery, the clothes, the diapers...the list just keeps going. it's kind of scary, especially because i'm kind of cheap (B even more so). i've never been above shopping clearance racks... or even buying second hand. yup, i am that cheap. luckily, i haven't been reduced to buying spit up stained onesies straight from the 80s at goodwill. i had a much better venue.

a few weeks ago, there was a "nearly new" sale nearby and it just happened to be right after we found out the gender, so, of course, we loaded up. aside from the awesome KISS t-shirt and tons of other completely cool baby clothes, we were able to get some of the pricier necessities.

our steals included:
  • pack-n-play ($40)
  • jogging stroller ($80)
  • baby einstein exer-saucer ($25)
  • baby bjorn ($20)
yeah, i'm pretty proud of my purchases. :)

if there's anyone interested and happens to be anywhere near the baltimore area, there's going to be another one of these sales october 8th at the howard county fairgrounds. if you go, keep an eye out for me. i'll be the crazy woman running around looking for a crib.

*on a side note: i'm getting ready to email the pics to everyone, but i still need email addresses for slese, unaffected, and niccki1211. also, the give-away is still open if you want in. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time for Another Give-Away

after a lot of thought...and shopping, i finally decided on the colors of the nursery. i bought the fabric for the bedding and i'm super excited about it! it's a project that will take me a little time, but there are some other smaller projects it has inspired that i can do along the way.

the first project i've started is some artwork to frame and hang on the walls. i took a little time today and put my mad graphic design skills (almost as good as nunchuk skills or computer hacking skills) to work and created a few pieces.












ok, more than a few. i'm so in love with them that i thought i'd use them for a give-away!

this isn't your run-of-the-mill give-away, either. i really wanted to do something that everyone could win, so here's how it's going to work: if you like the artwork and would like to have a copy, become a follower (if you aren't already one) and drop me a line! the pics i've uploaded here are just thumbnails with watermarks, but the real pics are 8x10s that won't have a watermark on them. you can choose up to three pics (just tell me which numbers you want) and i'll email them to you for you to be able to print them out onto photo paper or cardstock or whatever tickles your fancy.

so, be sure to either leave me a comment or email me (thestorkdropzone at gmail dot com) with your selection(s) and your email address.

everyone's a winner!

oh, and welcome ICLWers!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


have you ever seen a celebrity? not necessarily an A-lister, like julia roberts, but somebody that's a somebody? how would you react? what would you say?

me? i would say nothing. that's right, i would completely freeze up and stand there like a stiff idiot, arms straight at her sides, mouth stuck in a stupid grin. you'd think that when meeting a NY times best-selling author an aspiring writer would have tons to say, lots of questions to ask, advice to get...but not me.

yesterday i photographed an event for work that included laura lippman. so cool! at the end of the event, i was able to buy a copy of her newest book, the most dangerous thing, and have her autograph it. i stood in line for 30 minutes (we had a huge crowd of people show up for the program) to meet her and get her to sign my book. that's enough time to come up with something clever to say, or at least a simple question, but my mind was completely blank during the entire wait. when i finally got my turn, she said hi and asked my name. i was able to overcome my sudden bout of shyness just long enough to answer her, but after that i froze up again. it was so embarrassing! she probably thought there was something wrong with me...mentally, ya know.

oh well. what're ya gonna do?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Only 3 More Months!

am i the only one freaking out here? the little guy is now 24 weeks, aka 6 months, aka only 3 months left, aka so much to do, so little time, aka holy crap! is this really happening???, aka...ok, ok, you get the picture.

though we've obviously known about this for a while, i didn't want to start any projects or buy any baby stuff until we found out the gender, which happened only a couple of weeks ago. since then, i've created a huge to-do list and spent hundreds of dollars on baby gear (including a massive wardrobe and some big ticket items).

seriously, though, my to-do list is scary. maybe i'm overly ambitious...or just plain insane, but i plan to make a lot of the stuff myself, including his crib bedding. anyone who knows me knows that i hate cheesy baby stuff. i don't want trains and teddy bears all over the place, or weird little clown artwork (talk about creepy!) hanging on the walls. nope, i want something that looks like it came out of a magazine. that's where i get a little unrealistic, i'm sure, but it doesn't stop me from trying. i'll definitely have to post my to-do list at some point, along with some how-to's on some of the stuff i'm doing.

anyway, back to baby: he weighs a pound and a half and is about a foot long. his lungs are really developing at this point. he now has eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair, though the pigmentation hasn't happened yet. he's also starting to get crowded in there. his kicks and jabs are definitely noticeable, especially since he is a very active little guy. i've felt him kick through her tiny tummy several times, the first of which was at about 17 weeks. it was so amazing! it felt like a little butterfly fluttering under my fingers. now it feels like he's rolling around and practicing his awesome karate moves. yeah, i'm pretty sure he's going to be an athlete. ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fret Not, Little Bloggers!

i know it must seem like i abandoned you all, and maybe even scared a few of you, with my absence. i truly apologize for that! i have a really good reason for going MIA, though. well, i have a few, actually.

reason #1: my sister and her family decided to come visit for a while. i love having them here!!! especially my little nephew. you may recall my previous post about little E. he is just as hilarious as ever.

reason #2: we moved! the perfect house pretty much fell into our laps and we had to act fast. hence, a really quick move which kept me away from the computer for way too long.

reason #3: i cancelled my IVF cycle. now, before you freak out, i have to make a confession. i kept a teensey-weensey detail out of my blogging. B and i actually skipped ahead a few steps earlier in the year, before we jumped into trying to knock me up. it's been so long and we want a baby so badly and my body just hasn't wanted to cooperate, so...we took a leap of faith and doubled up on our efforts to have a baby by going the surrogate route, as well as pursuing trying to impregnate me.

yeah, i know that came outta left field right there, so take a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor and process all this, because there's more.

so, we didn't really expect anything to come of it, not with our luck, at least, and we didn't want to really open ourselves up to any of the questions or criticism that often accompany surrogacy. therefore, i left it out of my blog.

well, as you probably guessed, something did come of it. after getting paired with a surrogate we felt comfortable with, our little freezer babies were transferred at about the same time as my second IUI. we were both pregnant and we were so hopeful that we would get to have "twins". with all that happened with my miscarriage, it just never felt like the right time to share the news of our other pregnancy.

it was really difficult to deal with the conflicting emotions of our loss and our gain. i felt guilty for feeling so distraught when i knew that we still had a baby on the way and i felt guilty for feeling excited about our little blessing when i should be grieving the loss of our child.

hoping to lighten the load on my mind, we had planned to see how things went with the pregnancy and to go ahead with IVF, not putting all of our eggs in either basket. however, just before i was supposed to start my cycle and with things progressing with the pregnancy, i had a bit of a freak-out moment at the beginning of august. back-to-back babies! that's all i could think about. what would i do if i had two babies a few months apart?!? i would be completely overwhelmed, that's what i'd do. needless to say, i cancelled the cycle and decided to focus on our impending delivery from the stork.

i feel good about this decision and B has backed me up all the way. the plan now is that we welcome this baby and a few months later go forward with the IVF.

i'm sure this is all confusing and you must have countless questions, but this is a very sensitive topic. we really don't want this experience to be about the surrogacy. we only want to focus on the baby, so i ask that you please respect our privacy by not asking questions about anything surrogacy-related. it's important to us that this be treated just like any other pregnancy, as if i were the one carrying this child. don't get me wrong, i have no regrets about going this route and no embarrassment about needing to use a surrogate. i just want to be treated like any other expecting mommy.

so, that's the end of talking about the surrogacy...and the beginning of talking about all things baby!

as of right now, we are at 23 weeks, due january 9, 2012 and we are pleased to announce that this baby is definitely a...

drumroll, please.


isn't he beautiful?

i also wanted to thank all of you who commented/emailed me to see how i was doing. it means so much to me to know that so many people care about me. i have the best readers and the best friends!!!
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