Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Compulsive Shopping

my name is carlia and i'm a shopaholic.

i've never considered myself to be a shopaholic before...well, before now, that is. now, oh boy...now i just can't stop! i'm not even spending large amounts at a time or even shopping for myself. it's all for this little guy that's on the way.  seriously, the kid isn't even here yet and he has a wardrobe that rivals mine!

usually B is able to keep me on track when we go to various stores, but in this situation he only enables, if not encourages me! he keeps telling me not to buy anymore clothes for the baby, but when he goes to the store with me, he's right there picking things out, too.

a couple of weeks ago we stopped at target to grab a couple of little things (non-baby related), but somehow we wound up on the baby section. (weird how that happens, like a magnet is practically dragging me toward it.) the first thing he said to me was, "we're only looking. we are not buying any baby clothes." i agreed without complaint, knowing just how full our containers of baby clothes are getting.

anyway, there we are, innocently looking around, our shopping cart bare, just like we planned. i picked up an adorable little onesie and showed it to B. we smiled and said how cute it was then i put it back on the rack. i turned my back on him for just a moment to look at something else and when i turned back around he had put it and a striped sleeper in the cart! that stinker! he was supposed to be my voice of reason, my rock, my stalwart partner... turns out, he's just a big push-over. this little guy has him wrapped around his finger and he's not even out of the womb yet.

it's clear who will be wearing the pants in this family and i doubt it will be either of us!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis the Season

to wish all of you a very merry christmas! and to have a terrible cold. :( that aside, we are having a wonderful day filled with love, gratitude, happiness, and, of course, gifts. ;) i hope your holiday is as wonderful as ours! by the way, how cool is it that this is the last christmas we'll ever spend without kids?!? my heart is so full. merry christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Showered with Love

and gifts! ;)

a few weeks ago, my awesome, amazing friend, deb, threw me my baby shower. i was blown away by how many of my friends came, the generosity of their gifts, and the lengths at which deb went to make it a special day for me.

the decorations were beautiful!

one of my friends made me the most beautiful cake.

my sister, minerva, made her famous cake balls. i swear she has perfected the recipe, so i could eat them all day every day! they were red velvet, coated in chocolate. then she sprayed them with silver edible spray paint and drizzled them with blue chocolate. they looked fabulous and tasted even better!

here's deb, the mastermind behind my wonderful day:

here's minerva and my bestie, jay, enjoying all of the yummy treats:

here i am showing off all the loot i raked in for my little man:

thank you to everyone who was able to be there and for all of the generous gifts!

but, wait, that's not all! 

last week, at work, we had a holiday party. it was filled with great food and excellent company. at the end of the party, we were going to play the gift-stealing game, greed. of course, try to self, i forgot to bring a gift for it. i planned on ducking out then, but a couple of people insisted i stay to play, assuring me that they brought extra gifts in case anyone forgot theirs. feeling guilty, i agreed to stay, but promised myself that i wouldn't steal a present from anyone.

anyway, the game went on, a few people getting picked on, never able to hold onto a present for more than a couple of minutes. at the end of the game, when everyone had a gift in hand, we were instructed to open them all at once. as i tore into mine, i was suddenly surrounded by my coworkers, placing all of their gifts in my lap and on the table next to me, shouting "surprise" and "congratulations" as they swarmed.

it took me a few moments to understand what was going on. i must have looked like a deer in headlights! i was so shocked, yet so touched by their thoughtfulness. i just couldn't get over it, especially how well they surprised me. it was so much fun and we got so many great gifts and tons of gift cards! (sorry i didn't get any pics of it, but i had no idea i needed to bring my camera that day.)

needless to say, i feel completely spoiled and so very loved!

now, for a baby update:
we're at the end of week 37 and baby boy is measuring at over 6.5lbs (a big jump from last week). at the appointment on monday, dilation was still nowhere in sight, but we had a major labor scare on thursday. contractions started at 2:45am, ranging from 5 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart. it lasted about 5 hours before slowing down. i'm glad we didn't overreact and all head to the hospital, only to be sent home. i have a feeling, however, that she'll be dilated at next week's appointment, if not delivering before week 38 is up. it's getting so close!!! EEK!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself

i love blog awards! it always puts a huge smile on my face when i get one, like someone out there really cares about me and is giving me a massive bear hug. :)

andrea at palm trees & rainy days and baby hopes at chasing our stork both gave me the "tell me about yourself" award. yup, i'm grinning from ear to ear right now. hee hee! thanks, ladies!!!

so, this one is more of a get-to-know-you award. i tell you 7 fascinating facts about me that you may not already know then i get to pass it on to 5 of my favorite bloggers, because sharing is caring. ;)

here we go:
  1. i'm fascinated by all things ghostly! i've been on several ghost tours and am addicted to ghost hunters (on scifi) and ghost adventures (on the travel channel). i don't really know where this morbid curiosity comes from, but there it is.
  2. i am terrified of being in large crowds of people. i seriously freak out, like real panic attacks. i start to get dizzy and hyperventilate and tremble. this phobia really doesn't make sense for me, since i come from such a large family. i should be used to being surrounded by people!
  3. i caved in and started drinking coke zero again. for shame! but it tastes oh so good!
  4. i'm obsessed with snow! i grew up in a very warm climate and didn't see real snow until i was 20. i've been in love with it ever since. i think i could live in alaska and be happy, because i am mesmerized by the falling snow...plus winter clothes are so stinkin' cute!
  5. i had a pet goat when i was a kid. his name was ichabod, but we called him icky. he was so cute and thought he was a dog! we also raised calves. some were to sell, some were to breed, and some were to eat. we named them and bottle-fed them, knowing what their fate could possibly be. needless to say, we learned the facts of life very early. and i must say, bubba was awfully tasty!
  6. i've worked (beyond babysitting) since i was about 14. my first job was as a janitor at our school. it was really hard work, but i learned the value of a dollar...and that i never wanted to be a janitor when i grew up. i also worked as a stable hand at a horse ranch, shoveling manure. i've done more than my share of grunt work.
  7. i have crazy long toes. B calls them my monkey toes. their pretty dexterous, too. when i drop things, i'm usually able to pick them up with my toes, saving me the pain of having to actually bend over...because i'm lazy. i'm sure i'll appreciate this talent when i have a big pregnant belly to deal with.
now, i want to learn more about
josey @ my cheap version of therapy
marianne @ the daily miracle
bridget @ the lost stork
tiffany @ a stroll in the neighborhood
foxy @ someday

now, for those of you who are dying for a baby update (aka sarah ;) ha ha!) here's the latest. we're at 36 weeks and baby mama is not dilated yet. that means he shouldn't arrive before 38 weeks for sure (according to the doc, at least). baby boy is measuring about 5lbs this week, too, so he still has some growing to do. we're going to buy the car seat this weekend and we've decided to forgo the glider in the nursery. instead, we'll be getting a recliner! of course, it will be the kind that rocks and it's going to be unbelievably comfortable. it's not exactly what i had in mind for the nursery, but B talked me into it, reminding me of the late night feedings that could result in me falling asleep while rocking the little dude. a recliner does sound much more appealing in that situation. we've also been reading the book healthy sleep habits, happy baby. it was recommended to us by several people and it's really been an eye-opener. i'm excited/nervous to put what i'm learning into practice. well, only 4 more weeks to go till we get to experience parenthood first-hand and i'm so excited!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wrapping Up

i absolutely LOVE this time of year. christmas is by far my favorite holiday. i get really into the whole production of it, decorating the tree, shooting our family pics and designing our christmas card, and wrapping the presents.

speaking of which, i've really outdone myself this year, if i do say so myself. every year i coordinate the tree decorations with the wrapping paper (silver and blue) and this year is no different, but this year i've been inspired and i thought i'd share it with y'all!

i go all out with my wrapping, making sure that every present looks OCD-perfect and each one has a little bit of personality. because of all of that effort, i stress over the name tags. every year i buy the package of self-adhesive tags, pick out the best ones, and throw the rest away. what a waste of money! since i got my silhouette sd earlier this year, i was really excited to be able to cut out my own tags. cheaper and more chic!

anyway, i was telling my sister, minerva, about my idea to make my own tags and she improved upon the idea. she suggested i monogram the gifts. genius! since all of our names begin with a different letter, it totally works. plus, it looks so fancy. ;) i'm in love with this idea!

here are a couple of examples of the finished products:

love, love, love!

now, don't think that just because you don't have a cricut or a silhouette/cameo machine that you can't do this yourself. there are always adorable stencils that are super cheap and are a great alternative.

let me know if you try this with your wrapping. i'd love to see how it turns out!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Used to Be a Good Blogger

i think my blogging has gone way downhill in the last few months. i used to be totally on the ball, reading blogs daily, commenting on most posts, posting a couple of times a week, even giving out a weekly award. i'm really trying to get back into that, but i haven't quite gotten there yet.

that said, i was uber surprised to see that i got an award (a couple of weeks ago - how's that for not being on the ball?!?) from two of my favorite bloggers out there, bridget and baby hopes!  it's the liebster award, a blog award meant to focus the blogs we love that have fewer than 200 followers.

i have to admit that the first time i saw the name...i kinda, maybe, sorta thought it said "lobster award". bahahaha! yup, that sounds like me. :) turns out, it's german for "dearest" or "beloved". yeah, that makes more sense.

anyway, thank you so much to bridget and baby hopes! they are both incredibly thoughtful commenters, faithful bloggers, and wonderful friends. they have each touched my heart more than once with their kindness and love. i am so happy for both of them with the new & in-the-near-future additions to their families!

now, on to the award! here's how it works:
1. thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite bloggers and keep it going!

it's really hard to narrow all of my favorite bloggers down to only five, but here they are (in no particular order):

1. cass at one day: i'll have my baby bump
2. rosachka at creating our miracle
3.liz at compromised fertility
4. jennifer at do i have to be a d.i.n.k.?
5. andrea at palm trees and rainy days

i love these bloggers and i think they deserve some love back!

on a side note, i'd love to get back to doing the humpday hero award, so send me your nominations!!!  storkdropzone at gmail dot com
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