Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Cheap Trick: DIY Dessert Stands

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one of the ways i passed the time waiting for mack's arrival was by working on projects inspired by things i saw on pinterest. (have i mentioned how much i love pinterest?!?) i figured they would make great how-to's to share on here.

today's cheap trick is a super fast & easy how-to for making your own cake stand/dessert tower. i needed these for a party i threw for christmas and i LOVE how they turned out.

here's what you'll need:

liquid nails
spray paint

 i bought my plates, saucers, candlesticks, and vases all at goodwill for $0.48 each.

arrange your pieces and attach them with the liquid nails. if you're doing a tiered tower, be sure to work on each tier independently, allow to dry, and then combine the tiers. when applying the liquid nails, be sure to press firmly and wipe away excess. let it set overnight, or until completely dry and stable.

when choosing your spray paint, be sure to choose one that adheres well to any surface. i used krylon. i've tried lots of different brands, but i always seem to go back to that one, because it drips the least, dries really fast, and works on pretty much any surface type. however, regardless of the type of paint you choose, this project will require more than one coat. just be sure not to get too close or spray in one area for too long, otherwise you'll wind up with drip marks and make sure you let them dry completely (as in a couple of days) before using.

here's the finished product:

the best part about them is that i didn't spend $30 for each one, like i would at a home goods store. in fact, i spent about $9 on all three!


Micha said...

Those stands are super cool! I'm very impressed.


Best pinterest I've ever seen someone do

Kayla and Josh said...

i love it! they seriously look like you bought them! thanks for give us more baby pictures!!

Sheryl said...

So pretty!! Nice work.

Ashley said...

I love this tip, so creative and inexpensive. Great Job!

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