Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas, Our Texas!

for those of you who are not fortunate enough to be from texas ;), that is the name of our official state song. and, yes, it is awesome, just like my home state. :)

anyway, that's where we've been, in texas visiting my family. so fun!

it was mack's first time to meet most of the family and he was quite the celebrity.

pa pa loved cuddling with him and rocking him. it reminded me of how he used to rock us and sing "you are my sunshine" when we were little. i loved watching them together, especially when they both fell asleep.

ga ga was such a huge help to me. she watched him for me while i did photo shoots for my sisters, as well as when several of us girls got together for pedicures. so fun!

here are a couple of my favorite pics from the shoots:
my sister, petey
my niece, elle

it was so great to be together as a family for this trip, since B was able to fly down from RI to go with us. he was great, stepping in to help with everything during the flight down there.

mack in B's lap
the highlight of the trip had to have been that first night there and, yes, it involved B. we had been at my parents' house for about an hour and mack, having just finished a bottle, was quite content - perfect for passing him around to adoring aunts and uncles. when he made his way back to B, i suggested he go ahead and change his diaper. he didn't mind a bit; he loves his fatherly duties. he gathered mack's things and took him into another room. about 2 minutes later i heard my name being called in a panicked tone. i ran in to find B with one hand holding mack's feet up into the air and the other hand covered in poop holding poop-filled clothes out to me and mack was lying on a changing pad with poop smeared all the way up his back, up into his hair, and even in his armpits. how does one get poop in their armpits...and how did so many people hold him without noticing?!? anyway, the look on B's face was priceless, somewhere between a smile and a grimace. i bagged the clothes, grabbed the kid, hosed him off in the bathroom, and gave him a good scrubbing. we all had a good laugh about that one. :)

i don't ever want to forget these little moments, even the ones that seem like disasters.

we had such a wonderful time and mack was a dream baby the whole trip! i loved seeing my family and miss them already.


J.o.s.e.y said...

Poo in his ARMPITS?! LOL. I love it.
So glad you're enjoying Mommyhood so much. :)

NV said...

You have such a gorgeous family. And you are an amazing photographer!!!! I just love following your blog :)

Sarah said...

Well your whole family is just ugly. Of course, I'm being sarcastic! What a good looking bunch :) Mack especially. Beautiful pictures! Poop in his armpits, you just cant help but laugh at that one :) Have you even seen the movie Baby Mama? Well there's a part where the kid comes running in the room with brown stuff on his hand and the mother grabs his hand and says "Tyler, is that poop or chocolate?" And the kid didnt answer so the mom licked his hand! haha And tina fey (her sister) goes "UGHH! What if that had been poop??" And the sis said something like "That's mommyhood for ya, messy but great!" So glad you are enjoying life as a mommy! Miss you around here!

Bridget said...

LOL, that is priceless!! Glad you had a good trip and Mack is adorable!!

Natalie said...

That Mack sure is handsome! Glad you had a good trip home - I remember how hard it was to be far from family, and how great it was to finally be with them again. Hope you don't have to wait too long till your next visit. :)

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