Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 Months of Mack

can you believe my baby boy turned 2 months old on monday, let alone 9 weeks old today??? crazy, huh? it seems like time is speeding up on me.

it just so happened that his 2 month check-up fell on his 2 month birthday. he weighed in at 10lb 15oz and measured 23", which is perfectly healthy - exactly what every mama wants to hear. he was so good for the doctor, as usual. she commented on how happy he looks (he's all smiles almost all the time) and how strong he is. he was squirming all over the place as she looked him over. she asked about doing tummy-time and i told her about how he's been raising up on his forearms over the past week. she told me that she wouldn't be at all surprised if he became mobile very soon. she also cautioned me about putting him too close to the edge of things, which is a warning that she normally doesn't have to give until the 4 month check-up. hearing that my child is ahead in something gave me a surge of pride that i've never experienced before. :)

mack has been a very content baby from day 1 and i certainly count my blessings because of it. he was quick to start smiling, as in deliberate, social smiling, a while ago and now smiles any time someone else smiles at him.

he's quite the big eater, too. one of the advantages of formula feeding (don't get me wrong, i wish i could've breastfed - always the better option!) is that i know exactly how much he's taking in at each feeding. the day he was born, he was eating 2oz every 2 hours. he has since progressed to eating over 6.5oz every 4 hours. he gets so excited as soon as he sees the bottle that he starts flailing his arms and moving his mouth like a fish!

night-time was pretty tough at first, with the frequent feedings and consequent exhaustion, though he would sleep a good 3 hours at a time when the sun went down. at about 4 weeks, he was sleeping 4 hours at a time. at 6 weeks, he was up to 6-7 hours and for the past week he has been sleeping 8-8.5 hours. it's been wonderful! i really do feel blessed, as if the man upstairs knew i needed a good sleeper, since i wasn't going to have anyone to help take a shift at night.

one big help in the sleep department has been the book "healthy sleep habits, happy baby". i'm not the type that is really into parenting books, so this one is the only one i've read, but it really has been a real eye-opener, explaining the importance of sleep for brain development and basically giving step-by-step instructions on how to sleep train your baby. thanks to what i learned in that book, i've been able to develop a nap-time routine and a night-time routine, which have created cry-free bedtimes!

i've probably painted a perfect baby that i see only through rose-colored glasses in this post, so believe me when i tell you that there are days when i get so frustrated, not knowing why he won't eat well, or feel exhausted from washing his bottles and doing his laundry. truth be told, this life isn't perfect, but it's perfect for me and i remind myself everyday of how blessed i am.


NewYearMum said...

Your little man looks and sounds adorable :)) I found the early weeks so hard... great that you have a good sleep routine and you'll be so glad of that for all the years to come :) Love to you both xoxo

SLESE1014 said...

Love the picture!!!! He's so feaking cute!! Still trying to figure out the sleep thing,but I'm letting her run the show for now. Hope to get into some sort of a pattern soon, somewhere around 4 months.

And he is perfect....just like my little girl is perfect.....we are all so very blessed...

Stephanie said...

What a handsome little guy! It truly is a blessing to have a baby who gets a sleeping routine down early on. I don't think I could handle waking up every 2-3 hours. But then again, you do what you have to do for those sweet faces. :)

Kayla and Josh said...

oh my goodness he is SO adorable! I can't believe how cute he is! I really want to hold him and kiss him! He has your eyes! I'm so glad you get to stay home all day with him. I want to see the fish face he makes when he wants his bottle. Sounds so cute!

a miracle 4 us said...

He is so adorable :)

Sheryl said...

Perfect. Miss you much!!

Maria said...

mack is gorgeous. those big eyes are beautiful...and the bowtie is too sweet. what an amazing photo!
i'm happy to hear that things are going smoothly and that you're taking in every little bit of it.
i remember the night i found your blog. and it makes me so happy to read this post and watch time do its thing. <3

wishing you a wonderful week!!

Diana said...

Omgooooodness!! What a handsome lil man!! Mack is so freakin adorable. So happy for you and your husband! Time sure does fly by. Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking up on me. :) I had also been thinking of you and hurried to your blog. I love good news.. and this is def one of them. The picture is gorgeous and he is healthy and you are happy... AHHHHH SO MAGICAL!!

keep taking pics!! they're amazing. :)

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