Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hero Humpday

it's back!!!!!!! i know you're as excited as i am. ;)

i have to admit that i hadn't read this blog until the nomination came in. so, i went ahead and read a few posts, because i like to try to get to know a bit about the nominees if i don't already. i have to tell you, this chick is funny! she did this post a while back about valentine's day cards for the infertile. hilarious! her writing is witty and honest and her story and positive attitude make her an ideal humpday hero!

so, without further ado, meet journey through IF:

Bio: I am 32 year old new mom from Maryland who is looking forward to spending the rest of the school year and summer with my baby girl.  I am married to the most incredible man who was made to be a father!!
10 unique things: (I have no idea how I am going to balance some of these things now that I am a mom, lol)
1.  I am a dedicated runner and am already looking forward to my next marathon!
2.  I love anything related to reading- books, bookmarks, book sales, book clubs, the library!!!
3.  I am originally from Pittsburgh, and like most Pittsburghers, I am a die hard Steelers fan :)
4.  I met my husband when he was observing me teach for his graduate degree in education
5.  I love finding a deal- consignment stores, goodwill, super sales, you name it
6.  I love to write and do anything creative
7.  Hubby and I love to watch movies and think Redbox was the best thing invented
8.  My goal is to become a better cook this summer
9.  I am the youngest in my entire family- by MANY years- and the only one to struggle with infertility
10.  If I could hire a driver I would never drive a car again :)
To my readers:  I started blogging to make sense of the world of infertility and maintain my sanity.  All I hoped for was some peace and a way to reach those in my life who had no clue what I was dealing with.  Every day someone reads a post of mine or takes a moment to comment I feel so honored and validated that my voice was heard.  I just hope that my journey helps someone, somehow.  I am in awe of the IF community and am a better person because of it.

now it's your turn to nominate the bloggers who inspire you for the humpday hero award! email your noms to storkdropzone at gmail dot com.


Bridget said...

Yay! I love D :)

DandelionBreeze... previously NYMum said...

Wonderful... I'll head over to her blog too :) xo

myjourneythruinfertility said...

thanks so much!!! SOOO great meeting you :) Can't believe how small of a world it truly is!

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