Thursday, March 29, 2012

It IS a Small World After All

so, ya know yesterday's humpday hero, journey through IF? well, she literally lives just down the road from me! crazy, huh?

we've been emailing back and forth and we decided to meet up in person today. have you ever met somebody and felt like you've known them forever? i'm not sure if it's our common bond of experiencing infertility and now having our first babies or just having personalities that click, but it was exactly like that!

for an hour and a half straight, while mack quietly took in his surroundings and piper napped peacefully in her stroller, we talked about our experiences with infertility and treatments, our feelings about becoming new moms, our struggles to overcome our fears, and pretty much our entire life stories. i honestly don't know anyone else in real life that has been labeled "infertile", so i've felt pretty alone at times. it is so nice to finally have a friend that i can spend time with face to face that gets it, that understands the bumpy road i've traveled to get mack here, that can relate to it all.

i've found so much support here in this community. i just can't believe that one of you was practically my neighbor for so long and i never even knew it! coincidence? i think not. ;)


sunnyside up said...

That is AWESOME!
You are both lucky girls!!

I must admit I'm jealous!
It makes you wonder, though, doesn't it. Why there is such a silence in this community?
When you go to the fertility clinics they are packed full of women and their husbands, I always wonder "Do I know you?" "Have we met?" "Do you have the same stuff going on that we do?"
But everyone is always so quiet and scared that someone will recognize them or that they might recognize someone.
I’m not happy the cards I’ve been dealt but I do know that I can’t let it get me down.
We should start a revolution – every time we go to the fertility clinic, try to get to know someone in the waiting room. Open up. Tear the duct tape off our mouths. This isn’t something we should be ashamed of.
Infertility is a badge of honor once you are able to cross the finish line with a baby or two in your arms…until then it’s a journey – a wild one at that!

You gals are lucky ducks!
I hope to be just like you two when I grow up!!! :) (truly no sarcasm!)

(sorry for the long post!)


Love x a million!

Bridget said...

I felt that way when I met D too, she's the best! I'm glad you two live so close!!

J.o.s.e.y said...

Wow, that is so awesome!! Aren't you glad you started up your humpday hero series again?! :)

Kayla and Josh said...

aww that is so exciting! that is kind of funny she lives right down the road from you. i'm glad y'all clicked immediately!

Stephanie said...

How fun! I love being able to meet up with fellow IF bloggers, especially those I've followed for a while. It's like we're long lost friends. I see many play dates in your future! :)

Rebecca said...

That's so cool! I live in a small town, but I still wonder if there's anyone out there who secretly lives around here, too.

myjourneythruinfertility said...

ditto!! I said the same thing to my hubby last night !! It is like meeting someone who finally speaks your language . . reminds me of how important it is to be open and honest about all things in life. You just never know what journey someone is on and how we can support others along the way!

I really don't consider it an accident that you and Bridget have made "real" appearances in my life - truly special friendships in the making!

Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

How fun! I have a few BLM/IFers that live near me and have been so blessed to be able to meet them in person. I hate that we're all part of this community, but I've met some amazing women (IRL and bloggy-friends) on this journey.

Maria said...

that is absolutely awesome! what a touching story...i'm so happy for the both of you. it is amazing the people life brings into our lives. my friend and i were just talking today about nothing being a coincidence in life.
what a blessing! <3

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