Monday, April 16, 2012

3 Months of Mack

i'm a bit late posting about mack turning 3 months old, since that happened on the 5th and it's now the 16th. better late than never, though.

mack's next check-up isn't for another month, so i'm not sure how much he's weighing in at now, but he has definitely grown...a lot! he's filling out and getting the cutest little double chin. he still puts down bottles like there's not tomorrow, but now he's up to eating 6-8 oz every 4-5 hours. that's a lot, right?

he's still very content, but has gotten to be pretty vocal about wanting to be fed at the exact moment he feels hungry. sometimes i'm not the fastest at getting his bottles ready and, boy, do i hear about it. ha ha! when he's got a full tummy, though, he's the happiest little guy. he talks all the time, cooing and babbling to himself and anyone who's willing to listen. he smiles almost constantly, sometimes at nothing in particular, and he loves to cuddle.

naptime has been going great. i pay attention to his cues that he's tired, which mostly consists staring at nothing (we call this "zoning out"). if i let him get to the point where he's rubbing his eyes, it's too late. he won't sleep well and he'll probably need a pacifier to settle down. (he rarely needs a pacifier, otherwise.) he usually only likes to be awake for an hour - an hour & a half at a time, and, as long as i lay him down at the right time, i can set him down awake and he quietly puts himself to sleep.

this has been really helpful with bedtime, too. for the longest time, mack wanted to stay up till 9 or 10 pm then wake up for a 4 am feeding and back to bed until around 8 am. i was perfectly fine with that. a couple of weeks ago, i noticed that he was getting a bit cranky past 8 pm, so i started putting him to bed a little earlier and a little earlier, till we figured out what time works best for him. he thinks that 6:30 pm is perfect. so perfect, in fact, that he sleeps for about 12 hours every night now. he's had a few times where he only slept 10 and he's even gotten up to 13 a couple of times, but 12 is pretty steady for him. it was a little scary for me at first, but i had read that this was normal with sleep training, so i just went with it. the only thing was, we weren't sleep training him until he hit 4 months. that little sweetie sleep trained himself! ha ha! now, if only he could change his own diapers. ;)

our little man is getting really strong, too. he loves to sit in his bumbo and will stay in it for over 30 minutes some days. he's great at tummy time, too. i would call him mobile, but he's a bit directionally challenged. he winds up scooting in circles around his toy. he can't seem to get the hang of moving toward the toy to reach it. at least he keeps it in sight, though. he's halfway to rolling over, too. he gets a little frustrated that his arm gets in the way, but he'll figure it out soon.

another milestone for mack has been picking up toys and putting them in his mouth. it's a little tricky for him, but his dexterity is improving and he's able to get the result he wants (the toy in his mouth). he gets better and better at it every day, too!

maybe i see mack through rose-colored glasses, because of everything we went through to have him, but he seems so perfect to me. he was worth every bit of our journey to get him and i am loving this new chapter in our lives, because it includes him. :)


DRMama said...

Mack is so adorable and sounds like such a sweet, well-behaved baby! ..And very advanced! :) You must be a very proud mama!

Stephanie said...

I love the different sides of his personality that you can see in these pictures. Sleep training himself, now if only all babies could learn that trick! And if he learns how to change his own diapers I'm scooping him up myself! :)

E and R said...

He is adorable! I think we all see our kids through the same glasses...especially with all we go through to get them!!

myjourneythruinfertility said...

"maybe i see mack through rose-colored glasses, because of everything we went through to have him"

love that . . . :)

Kayla and Josh said...

OH I love it!! He is getting so big! I am so impressed at how consistent you are. That's really great of you to be able t recognize exactly when he is tired. I love the "directionally challenged" hahaha Okay so does he have red hair? It looks like it's red tinted?!?!?

J.o.s.e.y said...

Sleep training himself?! Consider me jealous!!

He seems like a pretty happy, healthy little boy. :) I'm glad all is going so well!

Bridget said...

I'm going to need you to send Mack over to sleep train Emily!

Nate and Lori said...

I love this post! I love to see how happy you are a mother and what a perfect little baby Mack is. Sleep training himself? WHAT? No 3 hour cry it out sessions like I had to endure? Consider yourself very blessed. His smile is the best!

Jonny and Brittany said...

Oh my heck that baby is to DIE for! Seriously adorable! :)

Maria said...

everytime i see photos of him, i want to pop from the cuteness factor! :) what a sweet little can see all of his personality shining through your gorgeous photos!
what a sleep champ...i need some tips from mack! ;)
i don't think you're looking through rose-colored glasses one just see all the beauty and truth in your son. and he is amazing.
such a touching and fun post! <3

thank you so much for your encouragement and support, carlia!! and anne hathaway's voice :)...awww i love her!

have a happy one <3

Rebecca said...

So, so cute. And, seriously, he sounds perfect.

Shannon said...

This little boy of yours is a heart breaker sister. Those eyes!!!!! *Swoon*

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