Monday, April 23, 2012

Pic Tip #3

pic tip #3: perfect black & white pics

you know when you take a really good picture and you think to yourself, "this would look great in black & white" and when you remove all color it just doesn't look the way you thought it would? yeah, that's happened to me, too.

the problem is usually that the picture looks dull, that the removal of color has taken away the dimension it had before, that the detail has been lost. well, here's a quick & easy remedy that anyone can do with the most simplistic editing programs...

let's start with a basic photo, one with decent lighting and detail:

now, let's remove the color:
looks a little dull, right?

this looks a lot better:

let's compare side by side, so you can really see the difference:

now, for the trick...

first, open the photo in your editing program. next, view it in grayscale/make it black & white. finally, increase the brightness and contrast. really, that's it? yup, that's it. this is something that every photo editing program can do, so don't feel like you have to go out and buy or some other fancy-schmancy program.

here are some more examples:

if you happen to have, there are lots of additional things you can do to make your photos look more polished, but just start out with the brightness and contrast at first. 

feel free to play around with your settings. each photo is different and will require a different amount of contrast. and don't be afraid to push buttons, because you can always hit "undo" or simply not save the new version.

happy editing!


DRMama said...

Great tip!! I love black and white photos but definitely have found the dullness thing to be an issue. I am totally trying this tip out with some of my fav Alidia photos! Thanks for sharing.

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Awesome tip! I love playing around with all photos and often end up using apps on my iPhone like Tadaa, or instagram to create some different looks with filters too.

St Elsewhere said...


I love the tip really...and I have tried it myself.

I made a collage of my daughter's crying pics and converted it into a black & white one. With a little touch to the brightness and contrast, it came out beautiful.



EmHart said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And thanks for those tips, great photos too. I am just a snap click kinda gal, I would love to get more into photography.

Stephanie said...

Yes! I had never thought about this before but it makes perfect sense! Thanks again for your great photo tips!

Kathy said...

Here via ICLW (#7)!

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

Great tips here! I actually discovered the same thing the other day when I was converting a color photo of a friend (her head shot) to B & W and also thought it looked dull at first, then I did something similar and it had a lot more depth to it!

Nice to *meet* you and happy ICLW! :)

Bridget said...

Ahhh another great tip!!

Mrs Green Grass said...

I'm such a photo novice, but I really do want to learn. Thanks for the simple tips!

Jen said...

What a difference, and so easy! I can't believe how much more powerful those photos look post editing! Thanks for the tip!

Rebecca said...

Very cool!!

Maria said...

i always love looking at your photos! they are so full of life.
thank you so much for sharing your tips. i save them to my favorite for when i decide to get my butt in gear and start using my editing software. it's so fun to play around and learn that way.

i wanted to thank you so much for all your sweet and thoughtful words. tomorrow (well today, i'm still up) is judgement day and i have a knot in my stomach. eeeks.
thank you for everything <3

Marianne said...

Great Tip! I have a huge wall in my hallway upstaris and am going to do all black and white photos of family on it and now I can use your tip! Woot Woot! Thanks, Mama!

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